Headless Humanoid in Texas

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Two Native Americans Spot Headless Humanoid in Texas

Posted on Feb 24 2015 – 12:01am by Cryptozoology News

SARATOGA, Texas — A 40-year-old Native American woman and her niece claim they saw a ghostly humanoid entity in southeast Texas.

K. Celestine says she and her 8-year-old niece, Mikayla Sudduth Diboll, were sitting inside their vehicle, parked on Bragg Road, when they spotted the alleged being late in the evening.

“Night had fallen by the time we arrived, so after traveling a mile or so, we parked the car and just sat there a few minutes,” she told Cryptozoology News about their 2005 encounter. “I guess we had sat there around 20 minutes or so.”

Suddenly, she explained, she noticed a “dense green light” coming from the distance and “slowly moving” toward them.

“We were looking South. I adjusted my glasses to my face and closed my eyes, then opened them again. I could make out that it was an apparition of a man, dressed in overalls, like an old timey train worker. He was carrying a lantern in his right hand that was glowing green,” said Celestine. “I didn’t pay any attention to what kind of footwear, if any, that he was wearing, because I was too shook up to say anything. I glanced over at Mikayla, and she was frozen with fright, her little eyes as big as saucers. The main reason neither of us could speak is because he didn’t have a head on his shoulders!”

The “entity” reportedly walked about 12 feet before vanishing into thin air.

“I screamed ‘look! he ain’t got no head!’ Mikayla just sat there in a silent daze for a few minutes.”

The woman said they waited inside the car until they was “able to calm down” and drove away. On their way home, she claims, they observed a similar light, which promptly disappeared when they “reached the end of the road”.

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