Biker Spots Big Red Glowing Ball of Light At Night

“While I and a friend were riding out late night on our motorcycles by Fm 511 and the toll road, we got off the expressway to make the turnaround. As we were going through the turn around I look to my right and see a large glowing red light floating in the sky, somewhat identical to a flare gun being shot yo high in the sky very still just about 400 to 500 feet in the sky approximately.

FM 511

I tried alerting my friend by honking for him to look but he was in front of me and did not hear me trying to get his attention. I kept looking at this ball of light and as I was looking at it it just kind of vanished as if it took off or just died out instantly. I am skeptical about ufos but I have no other idea as to what it could have been. It was no telephone pole or radio tower because it was just off to the right in a dark field by the expressway.

I told my friend to pull over to notify him what I just saw and we just kind of waited for another light or SOMETHING to happen but nothing. I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this big red glowing ball of light at night.” -Just a Biker

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