Shadowy Figure Seen Entering West Texas Desert

I live in Horizon, on the outskirts of El Paso, TX. Back then, Horizon wasn’t very populated. My street was the last one, and beyond that, there was nothing but pure desert. One time, I was walking home from my cousin’s house, which was two streets away. I had decided to leave because my mom had warned me not to be home after dark.

As I approached my street, I became cautious because there was an aggressive dog on the corner. I remember telling myself to walk as far away as possible from the dog so that it wouldn’t become territorial and chase me home. I walked on the other side of the road, trying to bypass the dog and reach my house.

As I focused on the light pole, intentionally avoiding eye contact with the dog, I noticed a massive, shadowy figure moving swiftly from the street behind the light pole into the desert. Whatever it was, it didn’t have a human shape. It moved so rapidly that I couldn’t discern any details like fur or skin. I just saw the shadow darting quickly, and instinctively, I ran for my life straight home.

To this day, I still try to contemplate what it could possibly have been, but nothing comes to mind. It was broad and stood at a height of about 6-7 feet. I am still unable to explain what I witnessed that day. Since then, I haven’t encountered anything similar, but I continue to wonder about the identity of that mysterious figure.

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