Floating Lady In White On HWY 107 – Mission, TX

In South Texas, whenever we hear a story about a ghostly lady in white, we usually think about the legend of La Llorona (the crying woman).  You can check out related stories here.  Perhaps this is what Ivan saw in Mission, TX?  Check out his story below.

“It was a night out with my friends. I was the young freshman around some seniors partying so I was their designated driver at the time. It was in 1998. As we left the party in Mission, my friend said, “lets go to my ranch.” which is on Los Ebanos Road in Mission, TX and 107 going up towards 9 Mile Line.

 As we turned into Los Ebanos Road on 107 going north, there was a lady in white floating along the road. I have asked around and all the neighbors are used to seeing her. She was floating along the roadside. We got so scared and braked to avoid hitting her.” – Ivan M

Thank you, Ivan for your story.

Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?  Leave us a comment below.

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