“The first time I saw the burning orange balls of fire over central Texas I was staying at a friends house in Andice, Texas. I was half asleep when my friend started yelling for me to get up. I ignorantly took my time and grabbed my pistol and trusty dog. What I saw when I got outside puzzles me to this day. She said while she pointed up in the sky, “what is that?” I looked and I was immediately moved in my spirit. There were three super bright orange lights moving up and down, disappearing and reappearing in different spots. They were moving east. I called my friend who was responsible for my new found faith in God, and he was in Jarrell, Texas when he answered. I asked him, where are you at!? He said I35 in Jarrell. I told him to look west, I am in Andice and told him about the lights. He saw them and could not explain. He came down FM 487 at a high rate of speed toward them. I got in my 400 HP challenger and headed east.

We chased them all the way to rural bell county Texas and they disappeared at a red and white signal tower nicknamed “buzzard tower”. The next night, Facebook videos all the way to Holland tx were going viral. When the news aired they said the military took responsibility. The problem is, these lights were over rural private property! I have since seen approximately two dozen sightings of these burning balls, one encounter up close and personal. There is no heat or sparks coming off these, the dry area below was never caught on fire from sparks, they moved in a “Marfa lights” type way. I’ve seen them over my own house. A burning fire that doesn’t consume or catch fire around it. I have met 5 or 6 people that have personally seen and testify to the same lights. They are no secret anymore and not considered rare anymore.

This is the truth, truth is stranger than fiction.”

-A Florence, TX Resident

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3 Comments on “Burning Orange Balls Of Fire Over Central Texas”

  1. I live by ft hood Texas, not sure what they are exactly but they have something to do with the military. I love been seeing them for years and have no idea what they’re used for or what they are. I am 99 percent sure they are from the military though. Not of extra terrestrial origin.

  2. I haven’t seen the lights but don’t sound military. Was in the military for almost 10 years and not saying it’s not military. Just saying I have never seen anything or heard of anything operating like that . But on a side note I have seen weird things in Florence. Seen a animal I believe to be a Deer walking around on its hind legs . I didn’t know that it was possible till I saw it so I agree weird stuff happens there.

  3. I saw one of these back in late August or early September of 2011. I live in deep South Texas in the city of Harlingen. It was in between 4:30/45 A.M. and I had stepped outside to get some fresh air when I noticed this light coming over the horizon out of the West over Expressway 77. It had the same orange, peachish color of the streetlamps present. I figured it was a helicopter at first since it was flying low so I figured I would wait for it to pass over me. I did notice there was no required FAA lights on it only this one glow. As it approached Business 77 and flew over me there was no sound at all. I continued to watch it as it flew East and accelerated toward the Gulf. After some research, I know that during the same time and years after, there were reports of the same type of glowing lights or orbs being seen in parts of England and Europe.

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