The Death of a Duende

A man in Dublin, TX claims to have witnessed the death of a Duende.

I swear it is true! I witnessed the death of a fairy! In August of 1969, we were living in the town of Dublin, Texas. I was 16 years old at the time, and my brothers, sisters and I were working in this huge lot where a house used to be. We were clearing all the weeds and garbage. This lot had an old wooden fence that bordered the whole area. It was noon and under the shade of the only tree in the lot we took our lunch break.

I was sitting with my back against the tree eating my sandwich when suddenly something jumped through an opening in the fence down at the other end. It ran toward the center of the lot. At first I thought it was a rabbit, but on second glance it was a small person around one foot tall! I’m not kidding! It had arms, legs and a head that was wearing some kind of helmet. It was smiling as it ran.

Unfortunately, in this town there were lots of stray dogs, and there were four big dogs sleeping in the middle of the lot that woke up immediately as soon as the little figure came through the fence.


Just like that they started chasing the strange creature all around the lot. The poor thing was zig-zagging, trying to keep a lead on the dogs, which it was. This little guy was fast. Its legs were like a blur. All of us were thinking the same thing at this time; we were hoping it would get away. All it had to do was head back toward the opening where it first came through, because the dogs were way too big for that opening.

Then this thing, this fairy, still smiling, turned around and started heading back toward that part of the fence.

I was thinking, all right it’s going to make it! And as it got closer it made a leap toward the opening. But its aim was slightly off and it hit the fence, which knocked it unconscious because it just fell to the ground. The dogs caught up and just tore it to pieces! My oldest brother threw rocks at the dogs, but that didn’t do anything; it was too late. The dogs were eating it! Each dog took a piece. One of them trotted by us with the smiling head of the creature sticking out of its mouth! My poor sisters were traumatized! My brothers tried to make that dog drop that piece, but the dog in one gulp swallowed it. I’ll never forget it! And this really happened. I swear it!

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