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7ft beast described as ‘half human, half animal’ caught on camera

According to and various other news outlets, a MYSTERIOUS “half-human, half animal” creature has been caught on camera after it was said to have murdered two dogs.

This is the huge 7ft beast that terrified locals in Santa Fe, Argentina

The photo was taken after it allegedly killed a German shepherd and a pitbull.

Locals described it as having a long neck and small head.

One person commented: “I saw one of these things in 2005, it was crossing a bridge and we came upon it.”

Could it be the infamous cupacabra, werewolf, aswang, demon or some other cryptid?

We cannot rule out that it could be a possible hoax.  What do you think?  Leave us a comment below.





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New artwork for our Podcast Studio

Today we were blown away by an awesome piece of artwork that was created for us by Delvis Cortez. Delvis is an artist in the Rio Grande Valley and a long time fan of THSOT. He does all types of work but specializes in horror type art.

Delvis and Rene

The piece was done by hand on a large piece of canvas with acrylic paint. We stayed out of Delvis’ way and we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. The art will be on display on our podcast shows where we breakdown and analyze the stories from around Texas.

THSOT Podcast Studio

Texas Student Shares Creepy Drawing Of Strange Being

Working with a diverse range of students is something you can expect while working in the public school system.  I work in the state of Texas as a middle school teacher.  I happen to have a special needs 8th grade student we’ll call “Eric” for the sake of the story.  He is a good kid, very quiet and actually has a hard time speaking clearly as he is speech impaired, but I always try my hardest to make out what he is trying to say to me.

Well, today out of the blue he comes up to me with this picture in his hand and tells me his cousin and himself have been witnessing strange things around his house at random hours of the day and night.  Doors have been closing on their own along with different shadows appearing around his room and home.

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The Most Haunted Road in Texas

The title for Most Haunted Road in Texas goes to La Homa Road in Mission. We have been receiving multiple accounts from La Homa Road about strange sightings of ghostly figures, shadow people and other paranormal activity. Below are 4 stories from the area:


Read Here


Read Here


Read Here


Read Here

If you have a story from this area or something you would like to share, you can submit it here.

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Bizarre skull found on South Texas ranch

Is this a Bigfoot Skull? This was found on a ranch in South Texas.


bigfoot skull

bigfoot skull 2

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Crews to Demolish Historic Brownsville Building Monday

BROWNSVILLE — A Brownsville building with a dark past will be demolished next week.

Brownsville officials will hold a demolition ceremony Monday at 8:30 a.m. After that, crews will tear down the building at 9 a.m.

The historic building located on 805 East Tyler St. was the site of a triple murder. Homeowners in the neighborhood also complained about criminal activity inside the property.

In 2003, a father beheaded his three children inside the building. John Allen Rubio was convicted and sentenced to death for the killings.

The city acquired the building six years after the crime. Inspectors found asbestos in the building last December. It has since been removed.

To read more about the gruesome actions that took place click here


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Friggatriskaidekaphobics, beware:

This date, of course, is associated with bad luck and superstition, which is why it has its own phobia — “Frigg” was a Norse goddess who originally lent her name to the word that became “Friday,” and “triskaidekaphobia” is the fear of the number 13. Statistically speaking, the day is not more dangerous than any other. But even people who don’t avoid black cats or fear walking under ladders can have a little fun with Friday the 13th.

Read on for some of the strangest, most tragic and simply notorious events that have occurred on Friday the 13ths throughout history.


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“The Face” on the UT Medical School building in Galveston, Texas

Apparently, there is a ghostly face of a man plaguing the UT Galveston Medical School building.  Have any of you seen this face?

“There’s a face of a man on the side of a building that doesn’t want to be removed. It appeared one day and even when it was painted over, it’d showed up in a different spot. This has happened several times — they have even tried pressure-washing and sanding the wall. Eventually they gave up and let it be. I’ve seen it, and it gives me the creeps.”

Submitted by JaselynM.

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Santa Muerte shrine found in immigrant stash house, 37 people detained

According to an article on, authorities discovered a shrine to La Santa Muerte, which many people claim to be evil.

“Border Patrol agents detained 37 people Monday after searching a stash house in Edinburg.

Agents worked with the Texas Department of Public Safety to conduct a traffic stop on a smuggler, according to a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

They subsequently searched a home on the 1700 block of North McColl Road in Edinburg.

During the search, agents discovered a shrine to Santa Muerte, according to the news release.

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Here Are 21 Texas Mass Shootings ‘Good Guys’ with Guns Didn’t Stop in 2015

This article comes to us from Texas Observer

Nearly four dozen people, including at least six children, have been killed (so far) in Texas mass shooting incidents this year.

According to the Gun Violence Archive and, America has averaged more than one mass shooting per day so far in 2015. Twenty-one of those mass shootings (instances where four or more people were killed or injured by gunfire) occurred in Texas. Of the eight deadliest gun violence incidents of the year nationwide, Texas can claim three.

In each incident where a shooter was identified, they were found to be male. Otherwise, the mass shooters are a diverse lot. Very few of these events involved a crazed gunman on a rampage, taking lives indiscriminately — though at least one likely did. Others more typically involved gang or drug conflicts, robberies, and domestic violence. This does not obviate the urgency of gun reform. Quite the opposite — the common denominator of easily accessible firearms underscores the need for action.

January 4: The year in Texas mass shootings got off to an early start when three people were killed and one was wounded in a house in Southeast Dallas. A neighborspeculated that it might have been a drug deal gone wrong and complained about omnipresent gunfire in the neighborhood: “It’s just too close and too many. Just about every night. And it’s high caliber weapons.”

January 19: Two weeks later, a brawl involving an estimated 100 people broke out at a carwash on the east side of San Antonio. Several unknown suspects drove up and began firing multiple rounds into the crowd. Seven people were shot, two fatally.

February 22: A Fort Hood soldier killed his wife and the neighbors with whom she sought shelter from his murderous wrath. The soldier then took his own life. (Sadly, this situation is hardly unusual in the United States: American women are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than are women in other high income countries. And 34 percent of female murder victims in the US are killed by a male intimate partner.)

February 25: Three days later in south Houston, three men were killed and two injured in what police suggested was a robbery of a drug-selling operation. “It was some big guns … pow pow pow, six or seven times,” a witness told KTRK.

March 20: In Lancaster, someone fired shots from a vehicle into a crowd, killing one and injuring six.

March 26: Six days later, four men were shot by three other men near an elementary school in Amarillo.

April 24: A Killeen man allegedly went on a  rampage at his apartment building, killing two and injuring three, including his girlfriend. The accused had been arrested on murder, robbery, and firearms charges in the past.

May 3: Two groups got into an argument at a Houston nightclub. Later, as one group drove away, members fired multiple rounds at the other group, standing on the sidewalk. Six were injured.

May 17: Texas’  biggest mass shooting of the year took place outside a Twin Peaks “breastaurant” in Waco, where nine people died  and eighteen were wounded in a biker gang battle. You probably heard about this one; it made national headlines and was 2015’s third most deadly mass shooting nationwide.

June 11: A teenager was killed and three were injured in Houston’s Third Ward. Reports described a gunman driving up to a corner and unloading dozens of shots.

July 4: In San Antonio, early in the morning on the holiday, two men were fighting over a woman in a hookah bar when one pulled out a gun and sprayed gunfire, wounding four.

July 17: A man trying to rob a grocery store in West Dallas shot four people, including two store employees.

August 8: A Houston-area man with a history of abusing his former girlfriendallegedly killed her, her husband, and six children in their home. The killer handcuffed the family and shot them execution style. The mother had texted for help, but police arrived too late.

August 16: Six people were shot outside an event center in Fort Worth after an argument at a private party spilled out into the parking lot.

August 20: In the remote border town of La Grulla, a truck was found stuck in the mud with two gunshot-riddled bodies inside. Two wounded men were also found nearby. “We do live in a corridor of human and drug smuggling,” the police assistant chief told KRGV.

August 29: A confrontation that began in a nightclub led to a shootout at Bunny’s Truck Stop outside Tyler. At least 60 shots were fired by at least three people. One died and three were wounded. Police suggested that some of the victims might also be suspects.

October 27: September was Texas’s only month without a shooting that injured four or more people. The streak continued until nearly the end of October, when a man allegedly opened fire with a shotgun on a group of adults, including the mother of his child, at an apartment complex in Fort Worth. Five were wounded.

November 4: A son interrupted his father’s alleged “mercy killing” murder/suicide of himself and his ailing wife in an unusual domestic shooting in northwest Harris County. After his mother was killed, the son struggled with his father, but the gun went off, killing the father and injuring the son and a nurse.

November 15: In something out of a 70s horror movie, a man befriended a group of campers near his home outside Palestine, then later allegedly went into the woods with four of them, shot them, and returned to the campsite to shoot two others. Six people died.

November 22: A man shot four people in a nightclub in Brownsville.

November 25: Three days later, in Southwest Houston, two groups of men who had“an ongoing feud” met in a parking lot and began shooting at each other. One died and three were wounded.

Shooting Tracker’s records cut off in early December, but numbers suggest that we’re due for one or two more mass shootings before the year’s end. Will the next be a domestic murder? A robbery? An attack on an abortion clinic? A gang fight? We’re keeping this post open through the end of the year just in case.

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