Reddish Brown Ape-Like Creature On All Fours (Starr County)

This is not the first report we have received in regards to possible bigfoot encounters in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas  Check out this next story out of Starr County, TX.

“I had an encounter in the early 1980’s in Starr County. I lived on a ranch and I spent much of my free time exploring. One day I was wondering the property with my single shot .22 rifle. It was spring and there had been rainfall so the grass and weeds were tall. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a large animal running. I assumed it was one of my Dad’s horses. Then the beast came into view. It was about 30 yards away. It looked very much like a gorilla but its fur was reddish brown. It was running on all fours exactly like a gorilla.

I was stunned. I didn’t dare take a shot because this animal was massive and a .22 would only piss it off. I could see its muscles undulating under its fur. I decided not to tell anyone and I never thought of Bigfoot because I thought Bigfoot was exclusively bipedal. Many years later I confided the story to my son. Then I saw a show about Bigfoot in East Texas and the witnesses described the exact same thing I had seen, a Reddish brown ape-like creature on all fours. My son revealed my secret to my relatives and I was ridiculed as I expected.” -BP

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