Terror In Saratoga

“IN 1974, 6 of us piled into a car and headed to Saratoga’s infamous road. We were just going for a little while. It wasn’t dark yet. We drove up and down the long road. Everything was going great. We were having fun.. then it got dark. Now mind you, I told my mom we were going. She said it would be alright. But as soon as the sun went down things changed. We were riding up and down the road when of course your friends want to scare you. We went to the house over the tracks to really get scared. Our friend Bobby got out of the car and we locked the door. He was screaming like a girl. We let him back in. We proceeded to go back across the tracks towards the main road when all of a sudden the car decided to not move.

Tommy could not get the car into first gear. We thought he was lying, but we soon knew the car was not moving. By this time it’s about 8 pm. Now we’re all scared. We did see the light, but as soon as we turned the car lights on, it disappeared. I was never so scared. We were crying and trying to figure out how to get off the road. Well, Leroy and Bobby decided they’re just going to get out and walk those miles back to the highway and go get help.

Well, did our imagination get away from us? We just knew they were going to get killed and soon they’d be thrown on top of the car. Hours passed. We were so scared. We felt like we were being watched. No one would get out of the car to use the bathroom. It was that scary. I remember praying and saying I’ll never come back if I get off this road. We knew the history of the railroad and the headless man looking for his bride. But if you can imagine 4 of us left in the car all night long waiting for Bobby and Leroy to come back, think about it 100 times scary. To make a long story short, when the sun came up the car worked. When we got home, I was grounded for two weeks. The best two weeks of my life. I truly thought I was going to die that night. I never went back. ” -Robin S.

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