In this story, a from a woman in McAllen, TX is forced to relocate due to a series of unfortunate events believed to be caused by malevolent spirits.  Check it out!

“Our experience was in McAllen at the time a new subdivision off Benson Road on 44th Lane. We were in our first time home, wonderful and delighted to be in our first home, not only our first home, but the model home so it was gorgeous.

Shortly after we moved in, my daughter started having terrible nightmares and did not want to sleep in her room.  To make her more comfortable, we redid her room, paint and all.  Nevertheless, it didn’t work.


I started to have nightmares, at times hearing noises of someone trying to break in.  It got to the point I called 911 three times.  They found no evidence of anything.  That summer my mother flew in from out of state for a week.  She stayed in my daughter’s room, we never told her what we were experiencing because we didn’t want her to think we were out of our minds.

Low and behold, the first morning she stayed at the breakfast table she said, “Shelley, I don’t want to alarm you, but something is wrong with your house.  Last night something was grabbing my ankles and I heard scratching on the wall.”


She said, “I’m not frightened, but this is my granddaughter’s room, you need to get your house blessed.”  Shortly after my mother left it got worse.  My kitchen cabinets opened and all slammed shut at the same time, company started seeing a shadow person in my kitchen and on one occasion my daughter’s 10th birthday guests got physically ill and nauseous.

They described having a pressure in their head like a terrible headache. My husband and I started fighting unbelievably, anger started to be an everyday occurrence.  We had gotten to a point it became physical, we were attacking each other.

Our home was a corner home and two cars drove through our back fence almost going through our master bedroom.  That was the last straw.  We put our home on the market and could not sell it after two contract renewals.

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Ultimately, we abandoned our dream home.  I can report we are doing fantastic now and know what was happening in that house was out of our control!

We have often wanted to go back and talk with the current owners to see if they have had any experiences.” – Shelly

Looks like Shelly isn’t the only one whom experienced paranormal occurrences near Bentsen Road.  Check out what this person had to say about it.

“We also lived on 44th Lane on Bentsen Road, we moved already, but we had the same happen to us.  I am happy to hear we were not the only ones having these problems.  At the time we thought it was nothing we tried ignoring I, but it got worse.  My daughter couldn’t sleep and she felt there was always something around her.

There were sounds like scratching on the walls and other things we couldn’t explain. The house was our first, but I know now for a fact that something is roaming around. Now I am happy we don’t live there anymore .” -Anonymous

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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6 Comments on “Demonic Activity On Benson Road and 44th Lane Forces Family To Move (McAllen, TX)”

  1. I lived on a 2 story home on north 44 lane and harvey,near bentsen ..The cleaning lady always claimed she saw an old lady(la viejita ) walking around the house, and la viejita once pushed a bag full of trash on the floor.

  2. I have expereienced with the paranormal..and this is whats happening with homes..its always the ground to blame of the ghost and paranormal experiences because if something is buried there,, even if you build a new business or house , youre gonna have paranormal activity there..almost all of us go through some kind of scary all we need to do is bless our new business or house.. if i would to tell you all my weird life time experiences of the paranormal, i never finish telling you cause i have lots of them..and im used to it already i dont get scared no more..

    1. I agree it usually means “sour ground” ground/land where either death occurred or a cemetery is located could even be a animal cemetery if there is death on the ground there is ghosts and most likely also a vortex or portal our home is located on a portal connected with a time slip and since I was a little kid me and my brother and our friends all had some interesting experiences I guess one could say. I too am no longer afraid of the World of Darkness although when the spirits bother me I do get upset with them and do on occasion rebuke (yell) at them to “Fuck off and let me be” LOL that usually does the trick otherwise if they want to be stubborn and are uninvited I just burn some dried mint ; Nutmeg and Cinnamon works like a charm you can also throw some natural salt (rock salt etc.) that works too oh and you can buy Dried Mint ; Nutmeg and Cinnamon at any grocery store add some alcohol (Rum works best as any Voodoo or real magick practitioner will tell you as do Red Wine) or lighter fluid to it mix in well and let stand open in the air for a day (best results magick wise is leave for three days and one night near a white or if not available rose/pink colored quarts DO NOT USE BROWN/GRAY or also known as SMOKED QUARTS! it will cause a even bigger problem for you!) any ways put in a fire/heat proof container like the sealing lid of a coffee can for example light with matches or lighter (depending on tolerant your skin is to heat) and leave it to burn out and create smoke use as incense or as you would White Sage (swashing with other words) 😉 Also not all ill tempered ghosts are demons REAL Demons will get angry at you for grouping them into such a category those I have met and work with are actually quite pleasant and well mannered.

  3. Know the history of bentsen rd? It was full of slave plantations. Lots of evil things hreappened back in the day

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