A woman shares a story about a possible encounter with the Goat Man of Texas.

“When I was around 8 I was walking home from my school (not supposed to), but I remember walking along the road and a car pulls up.  I’m looking and I see it holding a gun on the seat.  As I’m looking briefly at the gun, I see goat feet.  Hooves and all.  This thing had a trench coat and had an abundance of fur.

I recall grabbing my friend’s hand, turning around and ran back to our school.  This was in like 88.  I know it sounds crazy, but I know what I saw in broad daylight. God has been beside me always because that’s not the only thing I’ve seen in my 36 years of life. I feel lucky though. If that sounds weird.” -Sabrina

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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3 Comments on “Goatman Encounter”

  1. I rented a house 2 years ago, I came home late night from the bar. I always pulled in my house super fast and i blocked the only entrance of the fence with my van..i saw these creatures at least 3 they can move extremely fast and jump high too, I think I spooked them as they spooked me. They had little creatures with them moved kind of like rabbits didn’t get a good look at them because the one of the goatmen darted at me hit my van I closed my eyes and protected my head with my arms. Didn’t wanna talk about it then but I do now…

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