Ghost Woman Spotted Near Checkpoint (Falfurrias, TX)

A man living in San Antonio tells us about an interesting encounter with a ghostly woman.

“In mid-March 2016, I was traveling north on highway 281 from the Rio Grande Valley up to San Antonio, Texas. It was the middle of the afternoon when I saw her.

Standing in the middle of the road was a blonde haired woman wearing a blue and white looking dress.

This happened right before the checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas. As I swerved to avoid hitting her, she suddenly disappeared. My wife was not looking at the road at this moment and asked me what was wrong, but I told her I had a pain in my foot as not to worry her. ”

Joe From S.A.

Here is another related story.

“Quite a few years ago my husband saw her same place same time of day. He was driving a semi. She looked young. She was standing on the right side white line. She kept staring at my husband. He swerved to avoid her and she disappeared. He was so frightened he was too scared to look in the sleeper.” – Venla

Has anyone out there ever seen her?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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