Plasmic Orb Torments Anson Ghost Light Seekers

A man who traveled from Abilene to Anson to see the famous “Anson Lights” got more than he bargained for.

“I lived in Abilene for one year. My friends and I went to Anson often, maybe every two weeks. We had a lot of wild experiences between my friends and me. One particular time we stopped at the Allsup’s for fried burritos. We took a smoke break and then we headed down the road and flashed our lights.

We saw a singular light coming down the road. It was a particularly windy night. One of us in the back seat saw shadows behind the car and yelled drive, drive! We spun out and were heading toward the cemetery and the light. Our headlights were off and we kind of lost control and slid off the road right beside the cemetery. There was an orb outside our window.

It looked like a plasma ball from Spencer’s. I tapped my friend next to me and pointed at it. He saw it and was about to tell the rest of our group but by the time he could sound a single syllable the orb was gone. It retreated back into the cemetery and dissipated by a gravestone. We were all stunned. It was the closest we had been to the lights. It was one of the last times I went out there before I moved. We still talk about that incident today.”-Scot L

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