A Puzzling Encounter with a Familiar Face

“I live with my parents and always want to get away for a while to have time to myself. I had been hanging out with a friend, then after I dropped him off, I went to a graveyard. I go there to enjoy the silence of the night, but I kinda got a creepy feeling and left soon. I went to get some fast food before I went home.

When I was turning at the stoplight to head home, I looked right over at the car next to me — and it was my dad in his car. He had a very tired look on his face. I was wondering why he didn’t wave at me or act like he saw me. I also wondered why he didn’t have his hat on. He never leaves the house without wearing one. I also wondered what the heck he was doing out that late anyway because he’s usually in bed or getting ready to. I thought I saw someone in the car with him and thought my mom must have been with him. I just assumed they were going to rent a movie or something.

So, I got home and there was my dad’s car in the driveway. I walked in and he and my mom were watching TV. I told them about what I saw. They said they never left. They had been there all night. My mom told me she also saw someone that looked like dad in his car in that same area, and when she called him to see why he didn’t wave at her, he told her that he was not even in town yet from leaving work. It wasn’t him.

But I wonder if when I saw him, I was seeing his dream or something. Because at the time I saw his “double” he had fallen asleep in his chair watching TV.”

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