Man Able To See Dementor-Like Creatures

Do you believe some people have a gift when it comes to experiencing the paranormal?  Emmanuel from CA sent us a story which is similar to a story we have received in the past.  You can check that story out right here.

Check out Emmanuel’s story.

“When I was a kid I use to see these things that resemble dementors. Most times I saw them they were multiple flying in a circle around me. I had asked someone before if they have seen them, but just gave me a crazy look so I never told anyone else until one time around the time I was in middle school. I was walking home one night around 10 PM with a friend who lived across this school from me in Santa Paula, California.

While we were walking, we were half a block away from where we had to separate. He was lucky because his turn was closer so I had to walk a block more. I had noticed he was looking up at them trying to not make it obvious he was. I ended noticing and asked him, “do you see them???” And he looked at me in shock, but trying to hide his expression. I just looked at him and said, “those things flying.” Once I said that his mouth dropped and his eyes widened. All he said was, “I thought I was the only one.” He also told me he never told anyone he could see them because he was scared of what they would say or think.

While we were talking about them ,there was literally around 12-15, possibly more. They were flying around us just watching us. Right before we had to separate I think they knew we were talking about them because 6 of them landed  ahead of us.

They landed in a circle facing each other head on and their heads tilted the slightest bit down. My friend was lucky enough to have to turn down before reaching them. Me on the other hand had to pass them. I was around 12-14 so I was scared out of my mind. After my friend left me I walked forward so hesitantly.

Luckily, I was across the street, but they were about literally across the street from me in the same formation not moving an inch. I remember trying to look at their faces, but saw nothing but black. Thank goodness they didn’t do anything and I made it home. I remember that night just feeling so relieved I wasn’t the only one who saw them.” -Emmanuel M.

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