Haunting Reports About C.E. Vail Elementary and W.B. Green Junior High (La Feria, TX)

There have been reports about C.E. Vail Elementary and W.B. Green Junior High located in La Feria, TX being haunted by restless spirits.  According to an anonymous source from ghostsofamerica.com, the reports are real.

It is no secret that the c. E. Vail is haunted. I always had my doubts about it. When I was young and one day in the 3rd grade I forgot my jacket in the gym. I went back with a friend to get it. I remember hearing a girl’s voice laughing. We were both stunned and heard footsteps coming towards us, so we began to run, and the laughing got louder, and the footsteps got faster. We ran out and never spoke about it again.

“Another school in La Feria that was believed to be haunted was the W. B. Green Junior High. They always said it was built on a cemetery, and some say it was a Indian graveyard. Well whatever it was in one of the wings closest to the band hall there was a door that window was slightly cracked. I was getting out of tutoring and was about to open the door when I suddenly saw a face reflected. It was a boy in a blue shirt. I turned around quickly, and no one was there.”Submitted by anonymous

What can you tell us about these rumors, La Feria, TX?

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