Kitchen Ghost Ladies Think They’re Still Alive

Weslaco, TX at point “A”

” I lived with my grandparents as a teenager in Weslaco, Texas. Growing up many of the scary stories were always shared amongst the oldest in the family about my grandparent’s house and that whole neighborhood. The neighborhood is called LLano Grande. Many of the old-timers from the neighborhood would always tell us stories about things that would happen in their houses and around that location since it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Weslaco.

I remember this one summer night I was in bed. I knew that the next morning we would have to get up and get ready to go work in the onion fields (man do I miss those days). I remember being asleep and lying in the bedroom towards the back of the house and I remember the smell of chorizo cooking and I remember waking up and sitting up on my bed and looking under my door and seeing light coming from the other side! I said to myself, “Man, grandma must be up making lunch.”

I quickly got up, put my pants on, put my shoes on, went up to the door, turn the knob, open the door and when I stepped outside the room the entire house was pitch black! It was crazy to me how fast she had made lunch. I mean I clearly smelled the food being cooked. I heard the pots and pans been messed with and I could even hear the faint sound of people actually talking! I’m not gonna lie I got a little bit scared I started walking into the living room and made a mouse way past the kitchen and just this eerie feeling scary feeling came over me and I freaked out and all I remember is running into my grandparent’s room and jumping on their bed.

My grandpa got up and looked at me like I was freaking nuts, “What are you doing?” He said. My grandmother got a hold of me because she realized that I was scared and was asking me what was wrong and as I began to tell her the story, I can hear the old man in the back just laughing away! He says in Spanish, “Son las muertitas! Piensan que estan vivas todavilla! Its just the dead ladies who think they are still alive!” He said that as if it wasn’t anything to worry about! I was so freaking scared, I could not sleep that night, in fact, I had to sleep in between my grandma and my grandfather and that was not a good feeling in itself. That was just one out of many stories that come out of that house so many different stories and scary spooky scenarios just from that one lot in which my grandparents lived.” -Nicholas T

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