Peeking Creature With Glowing Green Eyes (Boca Chica Beach)

“One night my dad and I decided to head out to Boca Chica and it was about 11 pm going to 12 and the moon was full out in the sky.  We made our way to the ship channel jetties, once we arrived there was not one person there at all. Immediately we decided whether we should stay or not and we ended up staying anyway but an hour passed not a single bite. As we changed location and headed deeper into the jetties walking, we set up again and continued to fish. A few minutes later we see this shiny white light, looked more like an orb.

It was hovering on the other side which is South Padre Island jetties. Anyway we see the bright light making its way to the end of the jetties on that side and it was smoothly hovering over the edge of the jetties and we thought it was a fellow fisherman, but it wasn’t the light, was moving too smooth on the edge to be a guy with a flashlight. So, once we saw it we just ignored it and 30 minutes later it was already 2:30 in the morning and we decided to call it a day. My dad shined the light by where our truck was parked and we saw something that had green glowy eyes just staring at us by the rock.

We couldn’t see it’s body or anything because the rock was covering it from the shoulder down, but we definitely could see it’s head and eyes and as we kept yelling at it. The glowy green eyes would disappear and reappear again as if it was bending down and taking peeks at us. Till this day we don’t know what it was, it wasn’t no raccoon or animal of some sort because they don’t behave like that and the feeling that night when we were fishing was a sinister feeling, I couldn’t explain it.” -Andres

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