Phantom Woman In White (San Juan, TX)

This story was sent in by a woman in Deep South Texas claiming to have seen a phantom lady in white.  Check it out…

“The following is a story my mother and father have told to us several times. This happened in the Summer of 1974 in San Juan, Texas.

My parents were teenagers at the time and my mother was pregnant with my older sister. They lived with my grandparents in a tiny house which was rented from Don Octavio on 1st street. The house was a one bedroom shack, so my parents would sleep on the kitchen floor. One hot summer night, my parents had been arguing before bed, and went to sleep angry at each other.

The entrance door of the house was in the kitchen where they slept and they were accustomed to leaving the main door open with the screen door shut so they could get some kind of breeze through the house. My mother was falling asleep when suddenly a gust of wind blew the screen door wide open! She opened her eyes and tried to get up to shut the screen door, but couldn’t! She couldn’t move or talk, like if she was paralyzed!

Then in came a lady in white with long black hair and no feet. Like if she was floating, suspended in the air. From the kitchen floor, my mom could only stare in horror as the lady floated towards them. She stopped on top of my pregnant mother’s belly and proceeded to put immense pressure onto her stomach. My mother couldn’t move, much less scream. She managed to turn her head towards my father and saw that my father was aware of what was going on.

He also was paralyzed and could do anything about it. He then turned his head towards her and made eye contact with my mother, at that instant they both let out a horrible scream of fear. My Grandfather got up from his room and turned on the kitchen light. He yelled at them, “Que chingados tienen?!” (What the hell is wrong with you?!). Both my parents crying and scared told my grandfather what had happened. My grandfather noticed the screen door open and ran outside to see if he could catch the intruder. Nothing! Only the neighborhood dogs barking and howling like crazy.

He came back and didn’t believe them, and brushed it off as a dream they were both having.  He claimed they both had the same nightmare.  The screen door was still wide open and made a crushing sound as it slammed shut. My parents screamed louder as that happened. My Grandfather as he turned the light off and went back to his room told them, “es el diablo (it’s the devil), because your always fighting!”

Kind of a mean remark from my Grandfather, but I guess that was his way of using a situation to prove a point. My parents where left there on the kitchen floor scared, crying and hugging each other. The following day some neighbors claimed they heard “la Llorona” scream in the middle of the night. “It was probably your screams they heard”, my grandfather joked. After that night, my mother had some episodes of sleep walking out of the house and towards a canal that was a few blocks away. My father would wake up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t find her next to him, he would eventually find her near that canal and bring her home. The sleep walking episodes ended after they finally moved out of that house.”- Anonymous

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