“One morning I started my workday for the City of Dallas driving my assigned utility vehicle I headed west of south Dallas. It was around 8 in the morning. I was looking for an inoperative school flasher. While sitting in my vehicle I saw a huge bird. It was too large to be a real bird. It stood about 6-7 feet tall. As tall as the van I was driving.

It had different color and textured feathers. It was a freak of nature or a mad scientist’s creation. The bird made eye contact with me before flying up and perched on a tree/utility pole. It had a wingspan of at least ten feet from wing tip to tip.

I picked up my radio to notify dispatch to send someone, anyone, but she laughed at me along with others listening. They said it was a doe-doe bird. I looked that up on the internet and it wasn’t a doe-doe bird.” -Twelve thirty-three

We received an update from a Rowlette, Texas resident on 10-29-18

“I think may have witnessed something like this last night around 12:30 AM on my way home. I was driving around Rowlette area when I saw something swoop down from the sky in front of me. It was dark so I couldn’t see what it was, but it was pretty big and it freaked me out.” -Kurt

Could he have witnessed the infamous Texas Big Bird?

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7 Comments on “Possible Texas Big Bird Sighting In Dallas, Texas”

  1. I think may have witnessed something like this last night around 12:30 AM on my way home. I was driving around Rowlette area when I saw something swoop down from the sky in front of me. It was dark so I couldn’t see what it was, but it was pretty big and it freaked me out.

  2. I live by Helotes texas in quiet neighborhood. Sometimes at night my husband and I like to sit in the backyard have a drink and talk. On this night i noticed something different on the top of our neighbors roof. It was too big to be a regular bird. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it .my husband turned back to see what I was looking at. Logically we tried to eatimate the size of this thing by it’s surroundings . It had to be no less than 6 ft tall. It starred at us and we couldn’t take our eyes off of it. We knew it had to be a bird by the way it moved it’s wings.not all the way out but adjusting while it perched on the roof of the house. We wanted to see It fly so we waited around an hour later my phone fell and for 3 seconds we took our eyes off of it. When we realized and looked up it was gone.

    1. I just seen this man like featherless bird land on the metal roof of a commercial building in Alpine Tx on Friday about 3am, was about 6 foot tall and huge bat like wings… We were using the parking to make a u turn in our RV and seen it land, in shock, I was frozen for about 30 seconds trying to make sense of what I had just witnessed…

  3. The Giant Bird is a real, but little studied or understood, paranormal phenomenon. It is rare that a Giant Bird is seen alone as it is usually part of a more complex incident such as a haunted area. This figure is usually described as a bird like, rather than a bat like, figure. I fact, it was once described to me as looking like the Big Bird character.
    Some people are of the opinion that a Giant Bird is a manifestation of an elemental or nature spirit and others believe that there may even be some link to UFO phenomenon. Whichever it is an exceedingly rare experience to have seen one.

  4. In 2017 in Arlington, Texas near AT&T stadium I went out back to have a cigarette. I was about half way through my smoke when I heard a loud crash come from the trees behind me. I then heard flapping of what I thought was very large wings. I didn’t look, got up & all but ran back inside. Come the next morning I investigated the tree area where the sounds came from, two branches about 4 to 6 inches in diameter where completely snapped in two. This happened in the spring of 2017. Big Bird must still be in Texas.

  5. My husband told me today. He seen a huge huge bird. He said it looked like a small plane. I didn’t believe him. But now reading this I believe him. He was in Carrollton TX

  6. This is completely true! I am a Coach in Austin, Tx and have lived in Austin my entire life and traveled all over the State and grew up hunting. So with that said I have seen my share of animals. On this day, I can not explain what I saw, other than it being a giant bird!
    One weekend I was deciding to make a run to go get food for the family, and decided to go up the street to a pizza hut. I made my order, lived a few blocks away and drove back home. About 30 mins later I received a call for pickup. So went back to get the order. When I was on my way back I turn the corner to my street which was about the length of 2 or 3 football fields. When I turn the corner, something caught my eye down at the end of the street, in the middle of the street. At first I taught it was person, but then the way it was moving I could tell it was not. As I got closer, I started to make out what it was and could not believe my eyes. This was a giant bird! The head had a red top similar to a rooster, black face with evil looking eyes. The body was huge with thick legs to the knees that were covered in what look to be like black fur. Wings were white and black and the legs from the knees down were a orange off red color. As I got closer the bird moved out of the way to the side and looked directly at me, leaning its head down to make eye contact with me. I slowed down to a crawl, then I got scared and sped off to get. While I drove off the bird moved back into middle of the street and followed my truck with its head.
    I have never experienced anything lack this in my life. I was so scared, all I could think was to get out of there!

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