Possible Texas Big Bird Sighting In Dallas, Texas

“One morning I started my workday for the City of Dallas driving my assigned utility vehicle I headed west of south Dallas. It was around 8 in the morning. I was looking for an inoperative school flasher. While sitting in my vehicle I saw a huge bird. It was too large to be a real bird. It stood about 6-7 feet tall. As tall as the van I was driving.

It had different color and textured feathers. It was a freak of nature or a mad scientist’s creation. The bird made eye contact with me before flying up and perched on a tree/utility pole. It had a wingspan of at least ten feet from wing tip to tip.

I picked up my radio to notify dispatch to send someone, anyone, but she laughed at me along with others listening. They said it was a doe-doe bird. I looked that up on the internet and it wasn’t a doe-doe bird.” -Twelve thirty-three

We received an update from a Rowlette, Texas resident on 10-29-18

“I think may have witnessed something like this last night around 12:30 AM on my way home. I was driving around Rowlette area when I saw something swoop down from the sky in front of me. It was dark so I couldn’t see what it was, but it was pretty big and it freaked me out.” -Kurt

Could he have witnessed the infamous Texas Big Bird?

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