Pulled Into A Different Dimension (Rio Grande Valley)

“Can someone please explain this to me because frankly, I can’t explain it myself even right now as I’m relating this occurrence. I have trouble assimilating what happened. First of all, let me take a deep breath and try to comprehend what happened. I still can’t believe this incredible experience that just took place a few days back. The hairs at the back of my neck stand and I feel goosebumps. I don’t care if people think this is a hoax as long as I know it happened to me and I still have some sanity.


Well, here goes the incident that took place a few days ago. One afternoon on this dark cloudy and rainy weather that we been having these past couple of days. I went out to the store to go fetch some sodas and tortillas to have lunch. The sky was kind of dark and cloudy and I went to the usual grocery store. So, as I finish paying and stepping out of the store, I walked to my vehicle and turned it on to head back home to where I left the hot soup on the stove cooling off.


All of a sudden, I got embraced by what seemed like a whirlwind of dust. It covered the whole vehicle so I couldn’t see Jack shit and also, I threw a fit cursing back and forth thinking after this dust of wind clears up my vehicle was gonna be filled with dirt and dust after having it car washed a couple of hours. Well, to make a long story short that was the least of my problems. Me being all pissed about that, I make the turn to head home and that’s when the trouble started.


The first amazing or weird thing (don’t know what to call it) was when I turn to get into my “COLONIA” ( neighborhood) all the houses looked slightly different, but just brushed it off and kept driving till I get to my house or that’s what I thought because when I got to where my house is there was an empty spot. Yes, an empty vacant spot filled with overgrown grass and no fence at all. So that’s when it hit my head like a hard-sharp blow.


All my blood fell to my feet and I got so confused and scared. I exclaimed, “What the hell is going on here? Where’s my house and my dogs and my wife etc.?  What happened here?” So, I took off with the gas on the pedal as fast as I could and glanced at my neighbor’s house, and to my surprise, it was her house, but with a different roof landing and the house was painted a different color.


Still freaked out I got off my vehicle and knock at my neighbor’s door and she came out, but she was confused like she didn’t know me. She said, “Yes sir, can I help you ?” and me so freaked out I stated that she’s known me for almost 10 years and she said, “I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t know you, have never met you before in my life. Still freaked out, I asked her about my supposed house, and she said that lot has been empty and vacant for many years. Very perplexed and confused, I got in my vehicle and drove around the neighborhood till I got out of the neighborhood and back to the same store to retrace my way.


All of a sudden, I got embraced by that whirlwind of dust again and when I came out of it. I drove back to the neighborhood and everything was back to normal. My house was where it was supposed to be. What a relief I felt and also by coincidence the unknown neighbor from I guess another dimension was outside watering the plants and when she saw me, she waved at me and said hi and my name.


I felt much more relieved knowing everything was back to normal. So now when I go out, I go out very scared fearing I might come face to face with that whirlwind. I know some people are not going to believe this because even me, I have trouble believing it.


This happened here in the Rio Grande Valley, but I don’t want to reveal the city where it took place.” – Juan V



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