Long Distance Phantom Phone Call

“Has anyone had any curiosity of dialing a very old phone number and seeing what happens?  Well, my husband had the genius idea of doing that.  One Sunday afternoon, dying of boredom, we got the wise idea of doing that. But before doing that we chatted for quite a while and he told me that from the years (1982-1988) he always called his Grandparents over in Reynosa, Mexico and he always had a long conversation with them.

Nowadays, that phone number no longer exists and grandparents are now deceased.  I was perplexed that he could remember that number after over 40 years.  So just for the fun of it he grabbed his cellphone and dialed that number to see who it belonged to and talk to whoever owned that number and have a conversation with them.  After a few rings and to my husband’s surprise, he recognized the male voice answering at the other end of the line.  He had the cellphone on speaker and I heard the male voice too and asked my husband, “Who is it?” and he turned pale and started to stutter.

So the male voice at the other end spoke again, “Hello, who is this?  Who you wanna talk to?” My husband all shook up overcame his impression and answered the male voice and asked the male voice, “Is that you grandpa? How is this possible you’ve been dead for almost 25 years?”  My husband told him, “It’s me, grandpa, Joe.” and the male voice said,  “What kind of joke is this, my little Joe is right here by my side. Who do you want to talk to?”  My husband got so dumbfounded and shocked and by accident hung up the call. Shaking, he explained to me that the male voice was his grandpa and the background child voice was himself.

But how in the world was that possible? It was as if there was a tape recorder playing a recorded tape from many years ago. So after my husband calmed down he tried to dial the number again but to his surprise operator came on stating that the number is disconnected and is no longer in service. So now my husband tries to ease boredom a whole different way.” -Laura

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