This is not the first report of humanoids in East Texas.  Check out Jacqueline’s story.

“I was on my way back from visiting my father in Houston, and I had stayed pretty late.  It usually takes me about an hour and 45 min to drive home because I live to the north of Houston off of I-69 in Coldspring, TX.

I was about 25 min from home , I’d made the turn onto road 222 that takes you past Lake Livingston Dam.

Lake Livingston Dam

It was around 10:00 pm and this long stretch of road is covered on all sides by woods with the occasional ranch house an or farm. There are no lights but 1 passing through there.

I was past that light in total darkness with only my headlights shining. I saw something up ahead and slowed down. It was a furry creature on all fours crossing the road. I’ll never forget the way it felt, the hair on my arms are standing up and I get goosebumps just remembering.

It looked like the boy from the jungle book crossing the road with the hind part of the body higher than the front.

It stopped just on the other side of my truck passing a few feet in front of my truck. It was dark grey and black and it didn’t seem to have a face or maybe it just had too much hair.

It was too big to be a dog or any animal. I still don’t know what it was, all I know is that I drove off speeding away looking back into my rear view mirror hoping it wasn’t following me home. I locked up and stayed close to my rifle the whole night. And to this day driving through that stretch of road I hope I never see that creature again.” -Jacqueline

What’s going on in East Texas?  Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?  Leave us a comment below.

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6 Comments on “Woman Witnesses Furry Humanoid Creature Walking On All Fours (Houston Area)”

  1. I believe this because my family and I saw the same creature when we were heading back to center tx from austin tx. It was also at night when we crossing through timpson highway, heading back home. I had my window down and I regret that. The highway road is surrounded by woods. As we were driving home I remember seeing something up ahead on the left side crouching in the long grass. Honestly we all thought it was some man outside but human eyes don’t reflect a bright yellow light in the dark like animals do. I thought it was covered in bird feathers but everyone said it looked like nappy fur. A Lot of people in my town say they see things like that at night. But I don`t know why nobody has done anything about it. I`m pretty sure I made eye contact with it. It was purely terrifying.

  2. I’ve seen one up near the canadian border, i didn’t know what it was at the time I was trucking my way to pick up my next load when i seen some weird “thing” standing by a house as tall as the rain gutters, as i turned the corner my headlights flashed on it and the creature bent down on all fours and took off, the rear end looked like a hooved beast but was shaggy above the leg area, the color was a reddish brown, i have never seen an animal that could describe what i seen that cold winter night, i just had to say something, it’s been about seven years and i came across this article…

      1. i lived in texas city and one night my partner and i were delivering papers to the stores and apartments so it was probably 1 or so in the morning. One of the apartments we delivered to had a big field by it some shallowish wooded area near by. When we were headed in we thought we saw something running in the field but theres alot of stray dogs so we didnt really give it any mind. We made the quick drop and went down the road like normal not really in any hurry when suddenly it ran out onto the road and looked dead at us while is kept running. It was kinda like a dog only bigger and had longer limbs(seemed like it was more top heavy?) and a bigger head with pointed ears. We also have a lifted jeep and on all fours it seemed like its shoulders were at our head light level. It darted off and needless to say we were both very on edge and freaked out the rest of the night. we still cant say exactly what it was and hope we dont see it again.

  3. I was standing at my window 2 mins looking at something that represents the thing and I’m in the city in Ohio and it is staring at me and my friend and cousin, they saw it too, but now its gone and now we’re guarding our door because something is at our and my dog is watching the door & she don’t usually do that

  4. Creepy! That stretch going past lake Livingston is a beautiful drive. I used to drive semi otr and always dreaded going to Houston but when I was routed through this area it was my silver lining.

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