Sky is Falling in Poteet, Texas

Hello everyone….I have a story but it’s not about this thing everyone on here has seen but it is something I can’t explain…I can’t really remember what age I was but I’m sure I was a teenager maybe 13 and this happened in South Texas Poteet-Von Ormy area to be exact.

I remember being on my friend’s street, which is the street directly behind my street and a vacant lot with trees is in between us. Anyway it was daytime maybe around 4-5pm. It was me, my older brother Andrew my friend Roger and his older brothers Andy and Joe outside in the street. We were playing football or throwing passes and now that I think of it no one else was outside at all. Well it started to get dark from what I remember kinda like when it’s about to rain heavy like dark grey sky. I remember looking up and noticed thick clouds and it being quiet.

That’s when I saw a purple-ish light in the sky. I’m pretty sure I told my brother but by then we were all looking up it happened so quick one right after the other but it really scared me and what still freaks me out is that those lights I wanna say six or so came down at us in like a swinging scoop kind of thing and back up….but to the point that we had to drop to the floor. They would get bigger as it came down and small as they went up. I remember being scared so bad I started crying and after the lights went up in the clouds it started to get pitch black from where the lights started from, I mean night black.

I remember what I thought was either birds or bats it was one of those but it was so many that it blacked out the sky. Then they started coming in every direction hitting everything I remember my brother picking me up off the floor and carrying me, running through the vacant lot with me and I can hear the birds/bats hitting the trees and leaves falling everywhere. He put me over my back fence then jumped and put me inside the house and what was strange is no one was home. I remember him saying to stay inside and he closed my window and went back.

All I remember after that is the birds/bats hitting my house and I blacked out or passed out and woke up much later. Leaves all over the floor but no animals and everything seemed normal but at the time I don’t remember saying anything about this and IDK why till just a few years ago. Till this day when I ask my brother about what happened that day he acknowledges that it happened but won’t speak on it at all and I’ve always felt like something is missing but I know what I saw…just don’t know why -Isaac

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