Dark Figure Spotted between Lyford and Raymondville, Texas

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Lyford, TX Halloween 2006. This is a true story, I swear it, on everything I love.

First a little background building up to the story. I was born and raised in Raymondville, Tx (Willacy County). Everyone from this area knows there is ZERO entertainment around here, so when I turned 21, my buddies and I started going clubbing to different cities around the Valley. As luck would have it, good ol Pharr PD pulled me over, charged me with DWI, and had my license suspended. I said goodbye to my car keys and hello to my old mountain bike.

On the day this “story” happened, I was going to visit my friend who lived in Lyford (4 miles from Raymondville). The most direct route to my friends house is US Business 77, but due to traffic and embarrassment I usually rode my bike on a dirt road that runs parallel.

I made it to my friends house without any problems and we “partied” for Halloween. It was about 2 am when I decided to leave, I told my friend goodbye and hopped on my bike and began peddling. With US business 77 now clear of traffic, I could take the paved road all the way Raymondville.

Just as you leave Lyford city limits they have a white water tower and next to that, is two big crop fields with a dirt road between them. There were no crops at the time, nothing but dirt, and the visibility was so good I could see across the fielback HWY 77 with ease. As I am almost near the dirt road separating the fields, I look and see a dark figure standing there next to a utility pole.

At first I am confused, who the hell would would be standing out here in the middle of the night?! Then the realization hit me, that it was a dark spirit. I did the sign of the Cross and began peddeling like my life depended on it. I also NEVER looked back. I made it home safely that night, and I am 10 years older, but I will never forget that night. Thanks for reading.

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