Man May Have Seen The Infamous Texas Big Bird – Houston, Texas

During the 1970’s, terrified residents all over the state of Texas reported seeing an enormous flying creature which later became known as the “Texas Big Bird”.  We spoke with a man who claimed to have seen something unusual flying over him.  Could there be a correlation between both?  Check out his story below.

“I had the damnedest experience once back in high school.  This was in Northeast Houston around 1992.  I was playing Frisbee with friends in the street of a typical suburban neighborhood. This was probably early afternoon on a weekend or perhaps just after school on a bright sunny day.

As I jumped up to catch an over thrown Frisbee, out of the blue appeared this huge bird just above me.  It was at most 20 feet off the ground, and appeared much closer.  I didn’t see its head, but I saw its legs and thought they were as big as human legs.

bird of prey

I could tell it was a bird of prey due to the talons on its feet.  Its legs looked like eagle legs.  It was so startling that I utterly forgot about the Frisbee.  As I perceived it, the bird had to have upwards of a 6 foot long body and who knows how long wing span.  I turned to my friends and said, “Holy shit did you see that bird?” and none of them did.  I can’t imagine how they missed it!

What is even stranger is I didn’t see it until it was right above me.  It was flying in the same direction as the Frisbee, i.e. in the direction from my friend towards me.  I didn’t notice it until I jumped up to catch the Frisbee and looked directly up.  How is it I didn’t see that huge friggin bird a mile away?!?  How is it my friends didn’t see it?  I’ve seen huge eagles at the zoo and festivals, and they don’t come anywhere near the size of this bird.

The explanation I’ve uneasily accepted is it was an eagle probably diving for the Frisbee thinking it was a bird or something.  The Gulf Coast of Texas is one of the richest places in the world for birds, and we have plenty of eagles.  If it were diving it may have been too high initially and out of my view until it was right over me.

I have to be honest though, I don’t like this because I got a clear look at the bird and feel pretty comfortable with my perception.  It was huge, as big as me.  Also, it was lumbering along, not in any hurry.  I watched it fly off, but we were at the end of the street and it quickly was lost behind other houses and trees.  It wasn’t maneuvering or pulling out of an attack dive.  It was in steady, easy straight flight as if it were out for a Sunday drive.

25 years later I still remember it clearly and am just as confused by it as I was then.  For what it is worth, I normally don’t go in for this kind of thing.  This is the only story I have that hints at anything out of the ordinary.  I enjoy reading these stories like I enjoy watching a magician.  I don’t believe they are real, but love the illusion.  But I tell you, that bird was HUGE!!!!”- Biker93

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