Hissing Black Eyed Woman Cries Blood (Donna, TX)

Our next story comes to us from Donna, TX, one of the creepiest towns in the whole state of Texas.  According to the witness, this happened at 3:37 AM, also known as the “Witching Hour.”  Check it out.

“This was today. So, I was at my grandma’s house sleeping when I heard a hiss come from outside. I look, I see this lady with black eyes crying blood and she wore a black sweater and white jeans plus no shoes. She made me feel so god damn sick. I’ve never felt this in my life.

I felt cold. I was choking on my own puke until she started walking towards my window. She looked at me and smiled the ugliest horrifying smile and she ran to the street and left. I was so scared I went to the restroom and coughed and puked blood.

All I have to say is she’s out there and when you see her or hear her don’t check. She has a hiss so bad it’s like a screaming hiss and whistle mixed. So don’t check if you hear this lady, please, I was frozen.” – Gavin

Gavin’s mother originally posted this on our Facebook page, vouches for her son and swears he is telling the truth.  Who knows?  Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?  Leave us a comment below.

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