Thanks to our friends at Hardcore Paranormal on Facebook for our next story which took place around the years 1989-1990 in Mission, TX along the border near the Rio Grande River.  Check it out.

“Used to hang out at the river lots down by Pepes on the River in South Mission. I have seen some strange stuff out there late at night, but the weirdest had to be a ball of light that appeared on the Mexico side of the river. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m an avid outdoorsman and know what a flashlight looks like and this wasn’t it. It was a perfectly round ball with defined edges. It was still for a few minutes, then slowly started to drift back and forth as it made it’s way across the river. When it made it about 3/4 of the way and close enough to see if a person was there due to the full moon, it vanished. Me and the 2 friends I was with freaked out so much I kept my SKS close by for the rest of the night.” Phil J.

After speaking with Phil, we learned that the orb-like object he described was about a foot in diameter.   Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?

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One Comment on “Strange Orb Spotted Along The Rio Grande River (Mission, TX)”

  1. I used to be a Campus Cop at the old Laredo Jr. College in Laredo, TX. One night Officer Smith and I were working the Graveyard Shift. Our Jurisdiction went right back to the Rio Grande River. We had to watch for illegals crossing the river and wandering around our campus burglarizing vehicles.
    We decided to check the river banks, so we turned off our lights and started for the river bank. Note, the Rio Grande hardly ever has enough water to float a boat. As we approached the river we saw a light about four to five feet above the water. It was drifting downriver. A boat?
    We stopped and stepped our of our patrol vehicle to check it out. We walked closer to the river for a better look. We saw the light fade and then go out. No boat anywhere and there was no wake in the water. Weird.

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