Lady in White spotted on Doolittle Rd. – Edinburg, Texas

We’ve received yet another story about a lady in white. We just posted a story about a lady in white that you can read here. We also had a story sent in from McAllen about a lady in black. We want to know if any of our readers have spotted a mysterious floating woman like this before, please let us know here.

I moved to Monte Cristo Rd. in 2011. One night I was driving home going East on Monte Cristo coming from the expressway and was stuck at the light on Doolittle and Monte Cristo. The roads were empty but the light outside was decent. As I waited for the light to change I looked around noticing the roads were empty and it was only around 10:30 pm.

The light finally changes to green so I began to accelerate as there is another light within the same area that changes too. When I hit the 2nd light about to get to the golf course where I was living, I saw an old lady dressed in white. It happened so quickly that I had to swerved around her not even checking if there were cars next to me. The lady was around 15 feet in front of me on the inside lane (2nd from the shoulder).

She looked old with shoulders that were hunched. She wore a white dress that was more like a drape that covered all of her from head to toe. But I remember seeing that the bottom, where her feet should have been, was a red satin material. Also after I freaked out and called the sheriff department to report the lady, While I was still waiting for the light to change I realized she wasn’t there anymore. I would have definitely seen her from the distance where I was. A

l also I realized she was moving but her body wasn’t walking she was floating. When I spoke w the sheriff department, I was frantic telling them I almost ran over an old lady. When I described what I saw, they were almost laughing but tried to hide it. Maybe it wasn’t the first time this had been reported. Apparently around the area a woman and her sons were murdered in their small white house within a block right off Monte Cristo.

Sent in by Vanessa Soto

Thank you for the story Vanessa. What do you think? Is this lady coming back from a supernatural universe? Why have people been seeing this woman in white? Is it a sign?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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