Wendigo spotted in Killeen, Texas

This story is from a man from Killeen, Texas. Today I am sharing an experience from my past. I was around 11 or 12 at the time this happened, and it occurred in the region of Central Texas. If you guys ever have seen this figure or something similar I’d love to hear your stories. Alright, so it was during early spring if I remember correctly. The sun was starting to set early as usual, and I was walking home from my buddy Jeffery’s house. When I was walking I saw not a single soul in sight, and with only a single working streetlight on my road I hurried home as fast as possible.

Upon passing around 5 homes I felt a shiver creep down my spine, and my hair raise. It felt as if something was watching me, burying into my being with their eyes. Upon the shiver I turned full circle, only to see a figure grey as molding clay and around 7 or 8 feet in stature. Its eyes were deep black sockets, and its mouth was as dark as a black hole. Its arms were skinny as twigs, followed by hands more resembling stumps than human fingers. There also seemed to be a item around its neck, I forgot what exactly it was so I’m going to guess it was like a piece of black tattered cloth.

Art By tiffanyturrill

I let out a small yelp, and ran as fast as I ever did in my life. In the distance, I swore I heard small thumps following me. By the time I got to my house I swung the door open, and bolted the 3 locks on the door shut. I remember a thump on the door among the likes of a dead corpse hitting the ground. However after that initial thump at the door I glanced out the window to find nothing there, as if the monster vanished into the cloaked darkness around it. I am apparently not the only one to see this thing I dubbed as the “Figures”.- Kodas_gaming

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kodas_gaming. From the description it sounds like you saw a Wendigo, These creatures are most often described as tall and emaciated with black, sunken eyes. Often they have yellowing skin or fanglike teeth, but alternatively they could be covered in matted hair. Some accounts include glowing eyes, a long tongue, and rotting bodies. They are usually larger than a human, 10 feet tall or more.

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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