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5 Comments on “Premonitions of Death in West Texas (Midland, TX)”

  1. I did have a dream, But the death hasn’t happened yet and hopefully it doesn’t ! It’s hard to explain this dream… I am Me looking Into someone else’s life! It’s of a 17-18 year old Girl who just moved to San Antonio with Her Sister who is about 19-20, Their 15 year old Brother and Younger Brother and Sister… They moved to San Antonio to look for their Mom who has left them on their own as I’m guessing The Mom is involved in drugs! The 17-18 year old Sister works as a waitress in a restaurant near the Riverwalk and Takes the bus… There is Someone, I’m guessing a friend to the 15 Year old brother, Who is obsessed with Her and Is stalking Her. I feel like He wants to kill Her…. He sends Her threatening letters and Text messages, Yet She doesn’t suspect Him! I don’t know who She is, Nor who anyone else is…. After having that dream I checked the San Antonio news to see if anything had been reported on a death of a young Female, But the thing is I know She is still alive… He’s coming for Her, He stalks Her! I don’t know if this is just a weird dream or a psychic intuition! She and Her siblings live in an apartment and He lives in a different apartment complex across from Hers. I feel so helpless! I never Hear her name…. I want to help so bad but I don’t even know if this is actually reality that I am dreaming about!

    1. I have had dreams like yours. The preminitins are from the holy spirit. Pray for a name before you go to bed and you will get it.

  2. I had one of my father. I woke up with the greatest sadness, sorrow and fear I have ever felt. It felt so real I had to go check and make sure it wasn’t true. It wasn’t, he was napping on the sofa. I don’t remember well, but I think I told him about it. November came and before thanksgiving, he passed away.
    And this experience has stayed with me.

  3. Around 10 years ago me grandmother had been hospitalized for pneumonia. As you would expect family and friends came and went. She was recovering pretty well. Then suddenly one night I turned and looked at me wife and it came out as cold as it sounds…my grandmother will die a week from now on me birthday October 2nd. The day came and I avoided the hospital like the plague. Unbeknownst to me the whole was trying to desperately find me. I was at a tattoo parlor I worked at at the time getting a tattoo. Next thing I know me eldest cousin comes bolting in yelling grandmas dying you gotta come! I just kept saying no, no, no, I dont want to she will die if I go I know it. Please! No. When I reluctantly showed up I told every one to make sure they have said goodbye. I went in to the ccu where she had been placed. Tubes out the wazoo and in a comatose type state I looked at me mother and told I’m sorry. I looked down at Francis and said grandmother I’m here I love you. It was like flicked the switch. Doctors, nurses, security, staff flooded the room. No dreams or any funny business I just felt in me bones. Truest and scariest thing that I’ve ever experienced.

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