The Haunted La Lomita Mission (Mission, TX)

 Mission, TX – La Lomita Mission 

“This old mission has just recently been open to the public. In the mission’s heyday, priests were rumored to be having intercourse with the nuns and burying the children’s bodies on the grounds. One night some illegal immigrants, who were aware of what was going on, went in and killed two of the priests. The third priest went to get help, but died while searching. The robes and bones of the priests were on display up until a couple of years ago.

Thereafter, it became an asylum for the mentally challenged. Many of the people working there reported seeing figures in robes walking around the grounds at night. The asylum shut down completely recently, but the grounds are still open to tourists during the day. You may not be able to go inside the old mission, but it is still worth going the trip.”


Read what these people had to say about La Lomita Mission.

“I was there like 3 1/2 years ago, me, my GF and friend.  We were dropped off, ran and jumped over the brick by the gate.  We hid in the trees because border patrol kept passing by and lighting up the place.  Once we made our way to the front door, we opened it and closed it back so border patrol wouldn’t see it.  So, inside we had tiny little flash lights and started looking in every door. It was pretty silent. All we saw were old benches and some beer cans too.

Then, we heard a tiny noise, but figured it was just a rat or something.  So, as we made our way towards the stairs we see that there’s a gated door with a lock so we couldn’t go upstairs.  So we just kept lighting up the steps trying to see something when my friend starts saying weird things, like taunting the spirits. He started saying loudly “show yourself!” then he said for it to touch my hair or something on me.


I started saying that I was just there to see something and that I wasn’t there to hurt anything…but I got scared and put my back against the wall and started feeling chills.  Then all of a sudden, we start hearing tapping noises from the second floor, like when people tap on a window with their nails.  And the sounds just kept getting louder and the energy in the room felt fearful almost panicky, so we ran down the hall towards the front door.  As I ran, it felt like something was chasing me away… it is unexplainable.  We said we’d go back one day but then I heard the place had caught on fire.  Now you can just see right through it.”-Eve G.


I always heard that in the basement you can hear chains being dragged also that shadows appear all the time and for some weird reason it was burnt down by lightning.” –Lupe G.

“I did security during the remodel a few years back. Creepy as hell at night. Cries, people talking. One guard I worked with saw a woman walk in the chapel and he went to see who it was and said there was no one in there.” – Jon S.

“A few years back I worked as a security officer at La lomita, I worked there for two year’s.  In the two year’s of working there I saw and heard a lot of weard things, i heard baby’s crying i saw aperishons of children and heard what sounded like women crying.” –  Javier Perez

“Yes I too remember going with some from friends when we were about 16 years old. We parked at the gate entrance since it was chained and locked up. We hung out there for about an hour or so when we suddenly started hearing people screaming. We turned and looked towards the building and there was a crowd of people in robes walking around looking disoriented and then they would look towards us and scream. Scared the hell out of us since the place clearly looked deserted. We got the hell out of dodge quick and never went back. I never even bothered looking up to research this place until now that I’m 33 and freaked out to learn others have also seen what I saw that night. I thought it was all in my head.”


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