Small Town Southern Man

There was this man from a small town in South Texas, he was a man of God and also a truck driver. One day he took off to Ohio on a load. As the small town southern man was on his way he stopped at a gas station 20 miles out of Cleveland. He was feeling a little under the weather that night due to in being below 50 degrees.

As he got off he started coughing and some short man came up to him asking if he was okay. The man replied to him saying it was a simple cold. As they kept talking, the small town southern man started feeling worse. The short man offered the sick man money to go home with his family, but he simply said he wasn’t going to take money from a stranger.

The short man said he could repay him whenever and the sick man just went back into his truck. He watched as the short man went into the store and kept watching the door for the short man to come out, he never did. That night the truck driver couldn’t sleep well. He started to see things, evil things that he couldn’t bare to see. The small town southern man started to pray. He called his wife because he could not deal with it anymore. His wife and his daughter went to go pick him up and on their way back they started to think he had gone crazy.

When he got home he slept and by the next day he was back to normal up until he went to church. He was in church and felt so sick as if he was forbidden to be there. He went home and hasn’t gotten out since. It has been 6 whole days since he has came out his room… The man simply said that the night of the incident, that short man was a Devil child, or in other words a demon….. Submitted by Anonymous

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