Terrifying Flying Humanoid Spotted On County RD 128 (Friendswood, TX)

“Back in 1996, I used to work at Whataburger in a town called Friendswood, TX and my girlfriend at the time worked across the street from me so I would catch a ride with her all the time.  One night, I got off at 11 so she waited for me and drove me home. We decided to take the backroads home to Alvin.  There were no stop signs or traffic lights, plus it was more secluded and private.  As we’re going down this County Rd (128) its a really dark road with very few lights, steep ditches, a very narrow road, and a lot of dark shadows and creepy-ass trees but it’s a fast short cut to get you home.

I decided to go in for a kiss and she was down with it.  But as soon as we stopped, we both looked forward and saw someone in a long trench coat, funny hat with a long ponytail standing in the middle of the road. But it was way too late to stop. Well, this thing jumped straight up in the air! It didn’t go left or right and there was no room for it to move to the side cause we were in the middle of the road.

There wasn’t no shoulder either.  We were passing this bridge part of the road with guard rails, too.  After we passed, we looked back and never saw that thing land.  When we got to my house, she took off still scared.  I want to say 2 years later that movie Jeepers Creepers came out and I swear I had a big Deja Vu!  And when I talked to that girl, she said the same damn thing!  True story I promise. You don’t have to believe me but that doesn’t change what I’ve seen.”- Eddie I

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