This account comes to us from Hell Horror, it’s about a shapeshifting werewolf.

Shapeshifting Werewolf of Texas

Mrs. Delburt Gregg of Greggton, Texas, told of her encounter with a shapeshifting creature in the 1960 issue of Fate. The other surveyed sightings below are of creature that looked like man-wolves but no one have seen one becoming another. Mrs. Gregg have not seen a man turned into a wolf but she has actually came closer then anyone else in telling a tale that sounds like a chapter from a werewolf novel than a real life experience.

Mrs. Gregg said that one night in 1958 when her husband was on a business trip, she moved her bed close to a screen window hoping to catch some cool breeze from a thunderstorm brewing on the south western horizon. She heard a scratching sound from the window shortly after she fell asleep. In a flash of a lightning, she saw a huge, shaggy, wolf-like creature clawing at the screen and staring at her with baleful, glowing, slitted eyes. She saw its bared white fangs.

The creature fled from the yard into a clump of bushes as she leaped from her bed to grab a flash light. Mrs. Gregg said “I watched for the animal to come out of the bushes, but after a short time, instead of a great shaggy wolf running out, the figure of an extremely tall man suddenly parted the thick foliage and walked hurriedly down the road, disappearing into the darkness.”

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3 Comments on “Shapeshifting Werewolf of Texas”

    1. I’m not big on paranormal activities but I’ve had a fair share in my life from sillouettes on the window at night to seeing ball lightning at the beach away from the city lights.

      The following story happened to me in 2008 around 10-12pm on 29th & Nolana ave McAllen Tx.

      Me, my friend Eric, sister, &her boyfriend had been hanging out &smoking a few J’s at a friends house on bicentennial. I was dropping off my sisters boyfriend Ian near Trenton Rd & as I was driving back south I was talking to my sister that was sitting on the passenger seat &my friend that was in the back seat of my Chevy Blazer but he was leaning forward in between my sister & I. As I was approaching Nolana there was a red sedan driving in front of me & we were both going at a steady 35-40mph; but right before I was nearing the Walmart on Nolana the guy driving in front of me kept going slow until he made a complete stop on the road. I was mainly starring at the guys tail lights while we where driving but when he made the stop I said “what the hell is this guy doing?” I looked at my sister &my friend &they just starred frozen straight. The guy in front of me hauled ass &my sister said “omg, did you see that” as she started tearring up next to me. My friend yelled “duuude, what the hell was that thing” & w kept saying “what? what are you guys talking about?”. My sister kept yelling at me to drive faster but I was just confused about what happened.

      As the week went by & I got the full details about what happened back there & apparently as we were approaching Walmart there was this huge dog that looked like a pitch black Great Dane running across the street from the east to west across 29th st. Apparently when the red sedan spotted it it was near 5ft from the car so he made a full stop; my sister said the dog stood straight up on 2 feet & walking slowly in front on both cars as he was starring directly at our blazer. As soon as it crossed to the side walk on the other side he got on all 4’s & took off heading west near Ware Rd.

      I personally didn’t see the thing but my friend said it was almost identical to the warewolf in the Harry Potter: The prisoner of Azcaban. Tall, skinny, pitch black & very fast.

      …I drive by a few times here & there, but I haven’t run into it since.

  1. I always have known the supernatural exists. I didn’t want to believe it., but then i saw a huge werewolf. I was walking through Meridian State Park, hiking around the lake. It was almost dusk, and i knew i would not make it back to my cabin before dark settled over the park. As i got closer to the bee caves, about halfway around the lake. I saw a huge shadow. Thinking it was probably a large man i continued walking with my head down, hoping i wouldn’t trip pver a root or rock. Soon I noticed a huffimg sound behind me. I looked back and saw a great big beast behind me. I began to run as fast as i could. I screamed at the top pf my voice. I was almost back to the camp sight. I ran into the clearing still screaming. My boyfriend ran to me, thinking i was hurt. As he held onto me, only one word came from my mouth, “Werewolf!” Of course no one believed me, and of course, yhe giant wolfmanwas gone.
    The next day my boyfriend and i hiked the circumference of the lake together. When we reached the bee caves, i began to feel my chest tighten. A short way past tje caves, my boyfriend said, “Wait a moment.”
    He kneeled down. There on the ground was the largest pawprint I’d ever seen. David said, “That’s no dog print, nor is it a bearpaw print. It’s time to go home. We left and didn’t look back. That was the summer of 1977. I’ve never gone back.

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