Injured Jeepers Creepers creature falls from sky in Las Milpas, Texas

“Yeah, we were driving down South “I” Road in the height of Las Milpas, TX. My mom was driving, my aunt next to her, 4 of my cousins in the back seats and myself in the truck looking back. Suddenly, my mom was like, “Que es esooo??!!! (What is that??!!!).” We all looked as she slowed down a bit.

It was like a second when we realized that thing was like a man with huuuuge wings struggling to fly. We screamed in panic and whatever that thing was heard us, stopped and fell into the monte (forest). It was almost getting dark, but there was still enough sunlight to see what we saw. Super scary, I kept screaming thinking that thing was going to follow us. We were really in shock. There are things here between us that we don’t even know.

We didn’t see its face, but we did see like what seemed like an average man with huge wings. The shadow totally looked like jeepers creepers. I don’t know, but I have an aunt that many years ago saw something similar in the Pharr-Reynosa Bridge. It jumped in front of her car at night and she told the U.S. Customs and they seemed like they already knew about that creature. She did say the one she saw had some type of long jacket. Maybe it roams the land in Las Milpas and surrounding areas, but I’ve heard they’ve seen it in all around the Valley.” – Denise

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