La Llorona Sighting (McAllen, Texas)

“This story was related to me by my longtime friend Isaac and his buddy. This story goes back to the year 1986 during a hot summer night. That night my friend, Isaac, decided to go fishing with his buddy to the reservoir that is located next to McAllen Miller Airport. In spite of his parents’ permission, they went anyways. Behind his parents back they took all the fishing gear and packed it in the trunk of Isaac’s mom’s car and secretly he got his mom’s car keys and took off with his friend.

Back then a lot of teens went to party at that reservoir during the night and made an opening through the wired fence. Well, Isaac and his friend got there without problems and gained access to the reservoir since there was a big opening through the wire fence. They unload everything and started to fish in the middle of the gentle and calm night.

All of a sudden, a white mist started to form in the middle of the reservoir water and Isaac stared at the white mist that gave the form of a white silhouette. After a few seconds, Isaac’s eyes made out a woman floating in the water, gliding in the air with a white dress soaking wet and flowing black hair. His friend snapped and ran out to the car, Isaac just froze in terror and couldn’t move a single muscle, his legs wouldn’t respond to him.

Artwork by Delvis Cortez

All of a sudden they both heard the blood-curdling scream, “Ay mis hijos , donde estan mis hijos!” and as the specter got closer to the edge of the water, Isaac snapped out of it and ran to the car, got in it and punched the gas pedal as hard as he could leaving out of there. When they got home all shaken and scared, they realized they forgot all the fishing gear, but since they were too scared to go back and retrieve the things, they just let them get lost. Isaac then told me that their lives were much more valuable than all those replaceable material things.

But one thing for sure, they vowed never to return to that place again. This place is located between Bicentennial Blvd, going to The Plaza Mall on the right-hand side it’s fenced all around the lake. Maybe a curious or a brave one may go and explore that place during the mid-night just to see if La Llorona still roams those waters.” -JC


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