Otherworldly Encounter: Chased by Alien Orbs near Lufkin, TX

“My wife and I had an intense and terrifying encounter with two alien orbs on March 6, 2018, outside of Lufkin, near Davy Crockett and Angelina National Forest. The orbs just sat, bobbing up and down, as if they were observing us for a couple of minutes. I quickly grabbed my rifle and ammunition from the back seat of my Tahoe, but before I could load a round in the rifle, they closed in on us at an incredibly fast rate of speed.

They covered a mile in about one to two seconds. I tossed the rifle into the backseat and started driving away as fast as I could, trying to escape. In the blink of an eye, the orbs disappeared. I heard my wife yelling that they were now chasing us from behind. I was driving at a speed of 90-100 mph in my Tahoe when one of the orbs appeared just 30 feet from my passenger side front door, pacing me.

I got a good look at the orb. It was reddish-orange and full of what looked like plasma flowing around in a strange circular motion. The more scared my wife became, the redder the orb got. I grabbed my pistol from the center console, and I told my wife to lean back, close her eyes, and cover her ears because I was going to shoot past her out the passenger side window at it.

Just as I leveled my pistol, about to fire a round, the orb disappeared again, as if it knew what was about to happen. Both orbs reappeared at my 1 o’clock position, about 50 yards away, sitting stationary. They had stopped chasing us but were once again bobbing up and down near a small shack, which had a cell phone tower next to it. I hope I never have another terrifying encounter like that ever again.” -Brian M.

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