This legend comes to us from Rivera High School located along the border of the South Most region of Texas, Brownsville.  Locals claim to have heard the residual screams of a teenage girl who was murdered there.

“A girl was said to have been murdered in the shower stalls of the girls locker room.  On late practices Students sometimes heard the showers go off and what looked like liquid pouring down the drain, and you could hear a blood curdling scream that would make them run out in a heartbeat.


And even the volleyball coach said when he was painting the raider logo on the wall he heard the scream and as if someone was being banged against the lockers. In last stall, the toilet flushes on its own numerous times. When you’re alone in the locker room slamming of lockers can sometimes be heard.” – anonymous


In addition to the teenage girl, there is another sighting of a teenage boy who died from a heart attack after a basketball game.  Janitors and night crew claim to have seen and heard his spirit bouncing a basketball in the hallways as they worked.


Are you from the Brownsville, TX area?  What have you heard about this story?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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40 Comments on “Ghosts of Rivera High School (Brownsville, TX)”

  1. According to this article,when exactly did this incident happen with the female in the shower? I am from Brownsville,Texas and live just a short walking distance from Rivera high school…please email me

    1. This was along time ago when I was in Rivera High School back in 2007, the janitor told me the same thing that he has heard a basket ball bounced while he mops. And some of my classmates claim of hearing screaming and lockers banging in the locker room will we exercise in the locker rooms

      1. I worked at Rivera High school for 12 years and i dont remember a girl murdered in the locker room and i worked from 11pm to 12 am and i never heard nothing and about the boy thats true but i never heard nothing

    2. I am also from Brownsville TX and my daughters attend Rivera high school and we have been there late at night and we never heard that.

  2. I personally worked there about 17 years ago in the night shift and saw the figure of the boy. Never heard anything in locker room of girls but did hear bouncing balls in court and music instruments playing in band hall.

  3. I am from Brownsville, TX. I attended this school and I personally have heard a basketball bouncing in the gym, but never her about the young lady.

  4. I went to school there back in the 90s in the 1st years & never heard these stories. Never heard of anyone dying there either & my family has been there at that school as a teacher & students even up to now. There may be a ghost just like at a store in Port Isabel but not bcuz someone died in the school.

  5. I went to Rivera. Heard the scream in the locker room but the basketball on the gym court is said to be that soul of one of the male coaches. Whoever went to Rivera in the mid 90,s will know who I am talking about. He loved playing basketball all the time but we lost him unfortunately to a heart attack on a school day😞

  6. i believe so ..when i when with my school to play volleyball games i used to get so scare and i knew i was not crazy i heard noises off some one screaming for help in the girls locker room so i do believe this,im talking abt the yr 1999

  7. I lived in Brownsville, 40 some years of my life and I had not heard of these deaths except for one that happened in that area but it was down a dirt road, 2 story white house where it was bullet ridden and they put the bodies in the car and put the car next to the house on a vacant land and set it on fire, but like I said never heard anything like that at Rivera High School, this is the first

  8. My father was actually the assistant principal for years. As a little girl I grew up at Rivera and was there practically everyday since my dad was a single father. I later attended the school and can confirm yes, a boy did pass from a cardiac arrest during a game. That is true, however the locker room is an urban legend and no girl passing in the locker room can be confirmed. Now I did however hear the stories and ace heard of many weird things happening. I never experienced these but asked the coatches time to time if things happened and they did say “yes all the time”. Who knows if this was to frighten freshman or what the situation is but its intresting to hear the stories once again 🙂

  9. The story about the boy who died from cardiac arrest at a basketball game is true, and so are the sounds heard by evening custodians of the bouncing ball in the gym and adjacent hall. That’s been going on for over twenty years. There was never a murder in the building, so the screaming and random toilet flushing is false. I’ve worked there for 20+ years.

  10. I have worked in Rivera High for last 25 years and can asure you all there has never been a murder case at that campus,,,,

  11. I went to Rivera but I’ve never heard the story about the girl in the locker room. When I was there I did hear a lot of people talk about the basketball boy.

  12. I was a cheerleader when the boy died it was 1990 or 1991…it was before the game during warm-ups. They didn’t pronounce him dead in the gym and kept doing CPR until he was in the ambulance.

  13. I want to Rivera school ..I was there from 92-95 and never heard nothing like this. …my parents live not even 10 minutes away..and never heard nothing. …

  14. F
    I worked at Rivera HS for 2 years. I was an academic counselor about 6 years ago. As a counselor, I used to stay late to finish paperwork twice or three times a week. The custodians would tell us to turn on a radio or to just play music so we wouldn’t hear the strange sounds down the hall. I never saw or heard anything out of the ordinary, but I did used to feel strange as if someone was watching me from afar.

  15. I currently work at Rivera HS and have heard about these stories. I also heard that the presence of a Rivera coach that died during the school’s early years can also be felt in the Gym #3 area and the weight lifting room.

  16. Well I’ve heard the basket ball I’ve heard the locker room story the band hall but has anyone ever heard about the one in the photo shop class well aka the year book class

  17. I was on the basketball team that was going to play the night that kid died. He was from M.M.A. (Marine Military Academy) and sufferred a massive heart attack and died on the spot on the basketball court.
    We played a tournament that weekend and dedicated the trophy to the boy’s mother.

  18. These stories are not true. I graduated from Rivera High School class of 1994. None of this ever happened..

  19. I went to Rivera High School. I personally also heard the basketball. I was in Drama and Choir and was often there late at night…. The one in lockeroom however, I never even heard about. No murder ever happened on school grounds. But a young female student , was murdered a mile or two from the school itself. Carla, was killed and her body found on Travis Road when it was desolate. Now its an urban road.

    1. That is true. That road is haunted – ! Travis road is a scary road at night. I had seen a strange shape lurking in the shadows. Awkward shape almost like a monkey walking. Disturbing.

  20. Bs I attended Rivera in 2004 and 2005 never heard such noices or screams or stories about any ghosts.

  21. I went to rivera and never heard anything. I remember the basket ball player that had a heart attack and died in the ambulance and coach Ward that died in his house and Carla Villarreal that was murdered but not at the school.

    1. My sister was a practical joker. I can assure you she would not be haunting but I wouldn’t be surprised is she’d be pranking. However I would like to think that she is resting in peace, and not so much haunting school grounds. Thank you for keeping her memory alive, but I hope they are good memories because my sister was a very loving soul♡

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