Little Girl Sees Alton Bus Crash Victims

First of all, our hearts go out to the children and the families affected by this tragedy.  The Alton Bus Tragedy is truly one of the most horrific and heart-breaking stories in the history of Texas.

Our next story takes place near the site of the accident in Alton, TX.  RIP.  You will always be remembered and honored.

Can a little girl see more than an adult?

“Here’s an incident that happened back in 2017, last year at the Alton bus crash site. Nowadays, it’s a park where one can go and relax and enjoy the afternoon at peace. Well, that’s exactly what we did with my wife and nephews . We decided to take a little break out of our daily routine and enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We decided to go to that park and nowadays there are benches where you can sit in front of the caliche and enjoy the view. We were doing exactly that when my niece lets out a terrible scream and starts pointing straight at the caliche wall and yells, “Tio, go help the kids that are trying to get out of the water and some are climbing up the stone wall trying to get out!”

Her little mind couldn’t understand what was going on, but she was seeing kids struggling trying to get out of the water. She begged me to go help them, but I told her there was nobody in the water, nor the walls, just a shallow pond and what remained of that caliche . So, you could imagine cold chills started running through my whole body and by the time we knew it, we were rushing the hell out of there.

A few blocks ahead my niece stopped crying and forgot the whole incident, but till this day I ask my wife and we got our answer of whether a kid can really see spirits of dead people, well there’s our answer. Maybe a little prayers will put at rest those poor tormented souls who till this day haven’t found peace being they died a horrible tragic death.” Juan V.

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