Black-Haired Ghost Girl Haunts Home (Alamo, TX)

We received a story from Omar out of Alamo, Texas in February of 2019.

“When I finished remodeling my house back in ’09 we moved in and after 5 years later I’d say 2014 more or less, I was sitting inside my living room and I was sitting in a position where I could see who entered and came out of my kitchen. Ok, so 2 of my kids are inside in the living room with me except for my other 2 kids who were inside the kitchen. All of a sudden my son of 10 yrs came out of the kitchen at which point I turned to see him and that’s where I saw a head with long shiny black hair right behind him. I quickly realized that wasn’t normal. I immediately focused my sight to the shiny black hair quickly moving, but I got to look down actually being able to see her in a creamy white dress ( dressed looked like it was made out of a thick table cloth material)!

I continued to look down and saw that she had no feet! She was floating at will inside!
I did not see her face because it happened fast and the fact is that my son’s head actually covered her face to where at the angle that was given was the only part I could not see! Anyways, she went through the wall that divides the restroom from the kitchen! I quickly got up and looked inside the restroom only to find it completely empty.
I haven’t seen it since and I hope I never do see her again! True story!” -Omar G.

Four months later, Omar followed up with us in May of 2019.

“Just recently we’ve been going thru some turmoil!   Then these things started happening! We thought our son was just scared because he’s always been frightened of those sort of things! But then we had a visitor, a friend of my 12-year-old daughter spent the night, they slept in my son’s room while he was at his grandma’s house! So they decided to sleep in there (her little friend and my daughter) and when my daughter left to go to the restroom her friend said out loud, “Olivia you have a Casper in your room!” When asked why she said that comment she said that a stuffed doll suddenly fell off the shelves by itself! She saw it fall off deliberately! …….
Very creepy! Knowing there are sudden apparitions and /or manifestations of this type going on inside your home! I need to get it blessed again!” -Omar G.

Thank you for your story, Omar.  We hope things are well at your house!  If you have experienced something similar, please leave us a comment in the comment section or submit using our “submit your story” link.

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