The mysterious “Lady In White” of South Padre Island, TX has been spotted walking along the beach in the middle of the night.

“In the summer of 1989 me and my family were on our way to enjoy a fishing trip out at little shell / big shell. While driving south on the beach approximately 25 miles South of Maliquite Beach and at about 3 am we drove up to a woman dressed in all white clothing who was standing in ankle deep water at the shore line.

South Beach SPI

The woman never looked at our vehicle and just looked out toward the gulf. She appeared to be dressed in a white dress that was flowing into the wind. As we passed her on the beach because the beach was very dark and no other vehicles in the area we decided to turn around to see if she was OK.

After going about thirty yards and turning the vehicle around she was no longer there. This has always bothered me.”

Submitted by Ralph

Have any of you ever seen anything like this at South Padre Island?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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4 Comments on “Mysterious Lady in White at South Padre Island”

  1. I had same experience in South padre island the summer of 2015 we where pulling out of South padre island it was 11 at night in #6 and well while pulling out we see a lady dressed in white dress looking at the water acting like if we wasn’t even there it was creepy so we rushed out of there

  2. I had a experience at a hotel called The Pearl in South Padre, which is on the beach, which I believe was caused by this woman in white or La llorona. Long story shorty I heard a loud and painful sounding sobbing/cry from a woman “inside” the penthouse hotel room I was renting for the weekend. I was freaked out and in shock, what freaked me out the most is when I looked at my clock it happens around 3am. I still get goosebumps just remembering that horrible cry.

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