This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about ghostly apparitions roaming the campus of UTRGV in Edinburg, TX.  Check out this next story straight from an employee from UTRGV.

“I was cleaning the groundskeeping office at around 3:30 pm when suddenly a man with a tan colored shirt, a cowboy hat, and boots with long hair and thick mustache walks right by me. I asked, “Can I help you?” but no answer. By the time I looked to say, “Hey, you are not supposed to be here.” he was gone.

I knew he wasn’t an employee because us facility workers, we wear a light blue shirt.  I don’t know if anyone else has seen something like this at UTRGV.” – G

Have any of you ever seen anything like this on the campus of UTRGV or any other Texas campus for that matter?

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One Comment on “Ghost Cowboy Spotted At UTRGV”

  1. No I have not seen nothing like that. But I did see an old 1950s white rusted Chevrolet car.
    It was 3am I was coming from Trevinios restaurant on Closer. When I passed Whataburger. I saw with the corner of my eye a car was passing me. I did not want to turn to see it. He passed me and got in front of me and started to slow down. So I moved to the right lane. Then he move again and got in front of me so again I moved to the left and he again moved and got in front and completely stopped. I hit the car and knowdous that there was no one in the car. I could see the the steering wheel moving. I was in disbelief at the same time I did not want to be staring at the car. So I reverse the car and by the time I look to the front so I can move to the front that car was no longer there. It disappeared. I took a different route to come home and all the way I was thinking I’m telling myself what did I just see?
    Then I remember that years earlier I heard a girl talking about that car. That her friends and her saw that car and it did the same thing. It would get in front and wouldn’t let them go by. Then suddenly it slowed down let then pass him. And the saw the devil driving the old car. They where yelling and were so scared. And again the car pass them turn in to a field where there was a fence and disappointed.
    It happen on 281 going tours Harigill.
    Till this day I thank God I didn’t see the devil in it. I rebuke it in the name of Jesus.

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