In November of 2016, a man traveling to McAllen, Texas experiences a slip in time where 4 ½ hours of his life are unaccounted for.  Some theories out there involve extraterrestrial influences as the cause for these mysterious time slips.  Check out his story below.

“Just traveled into McAllen, Texas.  I started that stretch to McAllen from the split of Corpus Christi, estimated time of travel for 177 miles on Highway 281, time to arrive at 2 am.  I averaged 85 Mph and got to McAllen at 6:30 am.

That’s 4 1/ 2 hours of lost time that can’t be mathematically calculated.  Has anyone had this happen to them here, where the estimated time and the arrival time has such a huge difference?”


Could this be attributed to an extraterrestrial influence or perhaps a glitch in the matrix?  What do you think?  How many of you have ever experienced something like this on Highway 281 or anywhere else?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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9 Comments on “Mysterious Time Slip on Texas Highway 281”

  1. I experienced it twice on the same spot. I was coming from Edinburgh to mercedes it takes me 40 minute exactly to get to my house . Both times it was 4:30 am my phone rings when I was right infront of the shrine of San Juan. When I looked at my phone and then looked up I was in Harlingen passing Bass Blvd.and I freaked out cause I don’t remember anything. Time had not moved I was twenty minutes ahead it was still 4:30. The first time I drove home and told my DARLING what happened the second time I called her from Harlingen to tell her it had happened again. I know how you feel BUD.

  2. Nearly impossible to realize, but I have seen the object that I believe to be a time vortex in the shape of a black sphere. It happened on business 83 heading towards La Feria from Mercedes. By what I remember is that upon passing Rabb Road there was this dark sphere on the passing lane. As I was passing this sphere I looked into it and saw something I have never seen. The best way I can tell you how it looked is to see the movie Interstellar where the space crew members come to see a wormhole near Saturn. It looked exactly like that wormhole in the movie. I drove passed it a quarter mile and decided to go back. But upon approaching the area it had disappeared. You don’t have to take my word for it there was another person with me and also saw what I had seen and there was another car passing the area and literally riding on their brakes as they passed it. It was an SUV. I would also like to report that the area around this place was misty like a fogyish atmosphere. Time was 7:35pm on my way back from buying some pizza at a near by town. If anyone wants more info on this subject don’t hesitate to contact me whether you are a government entity or just privately doing research on this subject. I feel that someone can learn or gain something out of this. I can also get the other person who was riding with me to vouch for me. As for the SUV, well I could not catch up with it because that car was speeding while it turned on Rabb Road.

  3. I had a strange experience once on 281 coming from SAN antonio to McAllen. This must have been 2000-2001. Except it was during a clear afternoon and sunny and hot. We traveling the road at about 70-75 and I was talking to my wife at the time enjoying conversation then all of the sudden we drove right into a wind cloud or force that literal shook the car. It literally shook and slowed down the car. The best way I can explain it is when your in a turning lane a semi passes u fast and you feel the wind move your car but this was twice as strong and fast. The weird part is all my windows fogged up with a cold mist as it happens. From front to back of all the vehicle and it was super sunny and hot that day. I looked at my wife to make sure she was ok and even slowed the brakes to make sure the car was ok but everything appeared to be fine. The other weird part is that no one was behind us or around. The highway was lonely for a while. We were practically alone for that moment no other cars. I never noticed anything different after that till this day today. Not sure if it was a time vortex or travel vortex but it was definitely something strange. Perhaps just a normal weather phenomena. Just want to know if this happens to anyone else.

  4. I drive a 2000 ford f250 7.3l diesel, so i have a glow shift guage that measures exhaust temp, boost, and trans temp…. on 12/30/18 at about 730pm i was traveling S on US 281 just south of 141 about 2 miles, the gauge started going crazy. Lights blinking, all numbers ascending and descending, and needle jumping all over the place. Lasted probably about 15 secs. I thought to myself, well thats weird never done that before….maybe its going out. The very next day i traveled back to san anton. and in the exact same area the guage did it again. Now this guage has never given me any issues, there has to be a magnetic or some type of electrical field in that area. Very strange.

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