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Mission Junior High Shadow Teacher (Mission, TX)

For decades, there have been rumors about Mission Junior being haunted by the restless spirit of a deceased teacher.

“Mission Junior High School – Science Building East Stairwell- formerly Mission High School At night, you can just make out the shadow of a man walking up and down the stairs ( supposedly a teacher who fell down the stairs when he was leaving one night after school.)   Continue reading Mission Junior High Shadow Teacher (Mission, TX)

The Haunting of C. E. Vail

The Haunting of C. E. Vail

In La Feria, Texas the elementary school C. E. Vail’s gym is haunted by a little girl and boy of about the ages of 10. Vail is built over the first cemetery that was there. Very uneasy things happen in the gym like for one if you put your ear to the ground and knock once, you will hear someone or something knock back three times and hear a cry for help. Also with the story of bloody Mary is big at this school. The school wasn’t only a elementary school, it used to be the old middle school and once there was a girl named Mary who had twins, which we know as baby pink and baby blue. The twins were murder by their mother (they drowned). They haunted the first grade wing’s bathroom. If you go to the last stall in the either bathroom and knock on the wall three times, the light will flicker and they will show

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