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Your Friendly Neighborhood Cat Man

According to the witness, this incident occurred in the beginning of April in the city of San Marcos, TX.

“I drive the same route almost everyday to drop off our daughter at her babysitter’s house on my way to work. I see the same things and people in her neighborhood on a daily basis. Usually I catch sight of an old lady going for her daily walk, an older gentleman working on his lawn, and sometimes, an unusually dressed woman, that is an owner of an equally conspicuous home on an otherwise sleepy drive.

She is also the owner of a black cat and dog and one of the oddest first memories of her was during a nasty storm a few years ago. I remember seeing her standing outside in this torrential rain storm dressed like Walter Mercado with her two pets unfazed by the downpour.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I’m doing our usual drop off. I was backing out of the driveway when I saw the lady’s cat a little up the road from the driveway. The cat can be a bit of a jerk and lay in the middle of the road like he owns it so I prepared well in advance to slow down and go around him like I have done from time to time over the years.

I’m staring at the cat when he suddenly began to blur while everything else in my line of sight remained clear.

A split second later I see a tall lanky stranger with long black hair standing exactly where the cat was. He proceeded to casually cross the road towards an alley and vanish from my sight as I continued driving. I didn’t get any bad vibes from him and haven’t seen him nor the cat since this curious incident occurred. I added an update. As of late I haven’t seen the cat at all.” -SIRENATX

Could this be some kind of  skinwalker, witch or shapeshifter?  Leave us a comment below.

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Man Finds Alien Body in San Antonio Creek

In the summer of 1965, I went down the San Pedro Creek by the S. Flores bridge area looking for anything washed up after a heavy rainfall the night before. I usually went with my brothers but they were not around. Our bird dog Spotty followed me, about thirty minutes looking around, I heard Spotty barking and whimper. I walked up to him and stopped when I noticed a figure laying in the grass and weeds.

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Woman Experiences Terrifying Outer Body Experience (Corpus Christi, TX)

After reading this story, it seems to be related to the phenomena known as “Astral Projection.”  

According to wikipedia, “Astral projection (or astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe a willful out of body experience (OBE), a supposed form of telepathy, that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an “astral body” that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside of it throughout the universe.”

This next story is from Corpus Christi, TX.  Check it out.

“All these happened in the same house. 

OK, I was in my teens, I remember this was during my high school days.  I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a little boy standing over me.  I asked, “who are you?” He answered, “Jack!” (Yea, I know, I named my son Jack also.)

Then he like jumped INTO me.  I felt my body walk to my parents room and stand there in front of their bed.  My mom woke up scared asking who I was.  Like she didn’t see me, she saw someone else.  All that could come out of my mouth was the name Jack although I kept trying to say, “get out.”

Next thing I remember, I plopped down on my bed, opened my eyes and said out loud “Jack!”  My body was halfway off the bed when I woke up.  I then went to wake my mom to ask if I was just there, she said no.  I told her what happened, she tried telling me it was just a dream.  She took me back to my room, I looked at the reflection on my TV and saw a little boy standing in the hallway leaning against the wall.  I kept telling my mom he was there.  She didn’t see him. Only I could.

Another event was my dad waking up to a noise thinking it was either my sister or I playing.  He said he saw a little boy throwing a ball against the wall.

This was around Christmas time.  I remember all the decorations being up in the house.  My sister and I were home alone.  We were in the living room watching TV.  Then it went snowy.  We tried every button on the remote but nothing worked, even buttons on the TV.

Then the TV volume went up and down and all the way up and turned off on its own.  We were freaking out.  We went to my room, then the train we had in our little Christmas village turned on and starting moving.  We were too scared to go see why.  It went around a few times before turning off.

Then I looked in the hallway and saw a tall transparent man with a long coat and hat and suitcase.  He disappeared before I shut the door.  We called my grandpa that lived an hour away, he came for us right away.  We didn’t leave my room till he got there.

A lot of bad things happened to our family while at that house, but those are the paranormal parts I remember.”-Vanessa Irino

Thank you for your interesting story, Vanessa.  What do you all think?  Have any of you ever experienced something like this before?  Leave us a comment below.

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Fang Baby of Old Pearsall Road

This story comes to us from Creepypasta. The story is about a fanged baby.

Fang Baby of Old Pearsall Rd.

Now, this is a real legend… you can google it. There isn’t much about it on the internet though… just a few forums… however, nearly every South Texas native has heard of it.

Sometime in the 1960’s, in South San Antonio, a car full of friends were out drinking late one night. They were driving home from the bar on the dark, long stretch of Old Pearsall Road when suddenly, Pete (the driver) noticed through his headlights something small in the road. For a split second he saw what he thought was a toddler about 2 or 3 years old.

The child looked as if he were hurt. He had blood on his mouth, was wearing a small white shirt and a diaper. Pete swerved to avoid it. The white Impala nearly flipped as it ended up in the brush just past the shoulder. All three had grown up together on the southside of San Antonio, all in their early 20’s. As the friends sat in the car recovering from the near accident, the dust settled. “Hey, what was that in the road man?!” asked Juan.

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San Pedro Springs Park

San Pedro Springs Park
1415 San Pedro Ave.
Visitors to the park — the second oldest in the United States — have reported hearing children’s voices when there is no one around, as well as a small group of American Indians performing a drum ceremony — but no one saw them arrive or leave. 


LOCATION – 800 W Ashby Pl, San Antonio, TX
HOURS – 6 AM – 11 PM Daily
OWNER – City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – Medium, Apparitions, Strange Noises, High EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

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The Creepy History of the Haunted ‘Midget Mansion’ in Texas (VIDEO)

Here it is, from, the story of Midget Mansion

The Creepy History of the Haunted ‘Midget Mansion’ in Texas 

August 26, 2015
By Afarin Majidi

The Gillespie Mansion in San Antonio, Texas is better known as the “Midget Mansion” for a reason. The legend is that in the 1920s a very wealthy family moved into town after the father of the two made a fortune appearing in Hollywood movies as a little person. His wife was also a little person but they had two regular sized daughters.

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The Donkey Lady of San Antonio

On the south side of San Antonio is a bridge known to be the home of the donkey lady.

Some say she’s a ghost while others say she’s a living creature, half donkey and half human. The donkey lady bridge is at the end of Jett Rd. before it runs into Applewhite Rd. She is said to live in these woods around the bridge and jump on your car damaging it with her hooves if you park here too long. There are many stores on the internet about this San Antonio legend. Whether she’s a ghost or a creature, the donkey lady story is scary.

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Shadow Person in the Alamo City

This was sent in by another fan of THSOT. A man is plagued by a Shadow Person near San Antonio, TX

“I had an uncle who had a drinking problem. He would come home almost every night from the bar extremely drunk, and argue with his wife. One night after leaving the bar he got into his vehicle, and as he looked into his rear-view mirror he noticed a black figure (wearing a hat) already sitting in the back seat. Because he already wasn’t in his right mind he didn’t pay much attention to it.

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Doppelgänger story from San Antonio, TX

Here’s a doppelgänger story from San Antonio, TX

“I was staying at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for the weekend. Upon entrance to the house, there is a small room. To the right is an entrance to the living room, while there is an entrance to the kitchen across from it. The kitchen has the only door to the backyard within it. If you look straight from the front door, there is a set of wooden ladders. After about 10 steps up, the stairs stop and continue to the left. If you follow to the left, you will come to a hallway after passing some more steps. To the left side of the hallway is the master bedroom and bathroom and on the right side is my cousin Drina’s room and the guestroom (where I stayed over). However, if you follow to the right, there is a wall-sized mirror that I particularly dislike.

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The Lady in Red of Wilson County, TX

The Lady in Red of Wilson County, TX

“Wilson County, Texas has been around for around 150 years. Like many other old towns, there are of course legends of ghosts that roam through, creeping out it’s current residents. In this county, the Court House is where one is commonly seen almost on a daily basis.

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