Evil Spirits Cause Agony And Despair On 6 Mile and Los Ebanos (Alton, TX)

This creepy story comes to us from a man out of Alton, TX.  He believes evil and negative forces contributed to an abusive household.  His childhood trauma was accompanied by lurking shadows and ghostly apparitions.  Check it out.

“I lived in a house in Alton off of 6 mile line and Los Ebanos til I graduated and moved to Austin.  Well, there was always a weird feeling of agony or despair in the house.  Growing up, my parents would fight and bicker with each other and my siblings all had the worst temper.

It was not til I saw what I saw in one of our dining rooms that made me become a believer in ghosts.  My dad had gotten everyone out of the house and I was heading outside to do some yard work with them.

3163dd569aab4b6300ceae9324e3cccaSo, I sat on a sofa in our living room near the dining room.  As I was about to tie my shoe, I glanced over and in the corner of my eye I saw this weird shadow walk cross the dining room.  But it was walking really slow, swaying it’s arms and as it reached the middle of the dining room, it stop and turned slowly to look at me…

I freaked and ran outside as fast as I could.  I told my mom, but she blew it off.  Then, stuff that has happened before finally made sense. Like our entrance door slamming open at 2 or 3 in the morning.  All cabinet doors were being opened.

Another thing that was weird, different kind of animals coming to the front of the house and just dying.  Also, one time I saw a lady run down the stairs of our house and I blamed my mother, saying she was spying on me.


My family was going through a lot of abuse from my dad and anger was always an everyday thing at that house, but I always wondered if it was the house itself that caused some of these things.  Don’t get me wrong, living next to a grapefruit orchard and having a barrio right next to it didn’t help me feel any safer at that house.

It was my childhood.  Well, my mother rented the house out, when we all finally moved out the new renters said they would see cigars floating in the air.” – Silver

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