This creepy story comes to us from a man out of Alton, TX.  He believes evil and negative forces contributed to an abusive household.  His childhood trauma was accompanied by lurking shadows and ghostly apparitions.  Check it out.

“I lived in a house in Alton off of 6 mile line and Los Ebanos til I graduated and moved to Austin.  Well, there was always a weird feeling of agony or despair in the house.  Growing up, my parents would fight and bicker with each other and my siblings all had the worst temper.

It was not til I saw what I saw in one of our dining rooms that made me become a believer in ghosts.  My dad had gotten everyone out of the house and I was heading outside to do some yard work with them.

3163dd569aab4b6300ceae9324e3cccaSo, I sat on a sofa in our living room near the dining room.  As I was about to tie my shoe, I glanced over and in the corner of my eye I saw this weird shadow walk cross the dining room.  But it was walking really slow, swaying it’s arms and as it reached the middle of the dining room, it stop and turned slowly to look at me…

I freaked and ran outside as fast as I could.  I told my mom, but she blew it off.  Then, stuff that has happened before finally made sense. Like our entrance door slamming open at 2 or 3 in the morning.  All cabinet doors were being opened.

Another thing that was weird, different kind of animals coming to the front of the house and just dying.  Also, one time I saw a lady run down the stairs of our house and I blamed my mother, saying she was spying on me.


My family was going through a lot of abuse from my dad and anger was always an everyday thing at that house, but I always wondered if it was the house itself that caused some of these things.  Don’t get me wrong, living next to a grapefruit orchard and having a barrio right next to it didn’t help me feel any safer at that house.

It was my childhood.  Well, my mother rented the house out, when we all finally moved out the new renters said they would see cigars floating in the air.” – Silver

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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2 Comments on “Evil Spirits Cause Agony And Despair On 6 Mile and Los Ebanos (Alton, TX)”

  1. i live in the neighborhood this man is talking about.. i think i know the house he is talking about it is not the typical two story house upstairs is a room i was there once with some friends because there are tons of storys about it.. me living in a house as a boy with similar things happening i beleaved wasnt going to be scared. my house i beleave is haunted even tho i found it normal and got used to it all other people i told my storys to would freak out… remember this is my house it is on the opposite end of the “colonia” where now recently a water supply company was built but the orchards are still behind and to the sides of it.. the “colonias” name btw is “el Paraiso”. Anyways in my house we, family of 7 were all used to these noises, dishes moveing or even falling out of place. in our little hall way, since it was lifted because of the add on to the house of two rooms and our restroom, was were almost everynight we would hear footsteps. one night my brother and i o and my sister that night was laying in the floor in our room dnt remember why but that night she whispered to my brother “hey julio you heard that” we were still awake so i told my bro go see as he stood by the door we heard footsteps heading back toward our kitchen; our room is at the end of our house on the very back. we heard our restroom door close my sister told my bro to look through the bottom as soon as he kneeled with no sounds of footsteps our locked doorknob got shooked like if it was tried to be open for like 3 long seconds we got scared didnt open the door fell asleep the next day we asked my mom and denyed it was her telling us to next time bang on the wall since her room was next to ours so my dad and her can check it out. like i said the dishes would move, one time my parents were out with my tio, he lives infront of our house our neighbor, playing “lotteria” was home alone wen i heard the dishes move it was normal to me now but i felt the chills o and wen i get that trust me something is there, i ignored it and kept watching tv but felt something around there i always saw shadows onthe corner of my eyes but would turn and never see something, that day was one of those days, ignoring the dishes i noticed the light of the kitchen fliker a little, ignored it and it flikered more and more i stared at the light fliker till it went off… ran to my tios across the street. even as getting older i would here foot steps ontop of my house later found out from my neighbor that “lechusas” would be ontop of my house. let me tell you about a 6 to 7 day dream i had; day 1: saw a feet and a white dress got scared and wld run away. day 2: saw a lil girl in a white dress with her hair on her face was scared and ran. day 3: saw same girl and saw her face and she had a scary face, looking foward to sleep now day 4: saw her in white dress and now beautiful as can be. day 5: she ran from me thruoght the orchard field that was there before the water company was built. day 6: chased her to a near by barn into where horses were and she went in a horse compartment looked over and remember good she was there crying with her head down a man came in and asked why i was there told him a girl with a white dress was there crying saw bak in the horse compartment and nobody was there the man said he lost his daughter and started crying.. didnt have no more dreams of that but wat happend to me the next night i will never forget i remember i was talking on the fone arguing with my ex, it was late around 3am when i started to hear knocking next to my window unit ac then started to hear a little girl say “junior abrele junior, junior abrele junior, junior abrele junior” at that moment i was starreing at the window lisening to the girl telling me stuff me thinking talk louder talk louder because i was kinda in shock and couldnt move… until i heard a men voice say “junior” boom i snapped out of it got up turned the lights on opened my door walked bak and foward… me thinking it could probably be my brother opened the back door wich was rite next to my room door and called his name and nothing my mom got up and asked me wat was wrong and told her bout it and that i thought it was my bro she said not to ever do that because you never know what it can be.. my mom has seen a little boy like shadow in the hallway and other stuff she wont tell me.. my brother has dreamed of demonds always does but i tell him its in his mind he has to over come them and well weve experienced alot in this house aswell dont know if there is truly something there or if somebody is trying to scare our family but what i do know is we have all expierenced these good adrenaline stuff. i kinda got used to it to a point where wenever i started to feel chills i know something is about to happen and or something is there. trust me i was always rite. everytime i get the chills i would be a little scared adrenalined or something cant explain the feeling but alone i would always scream like “whooooo, come on” shaking it off. Back to being in the two story house couple of friends and i went to check it out all we had was lighters we were at the top room with outside light comeing in when we heard hard punding footsteps comeing up the stairs we obviously thought it was somebody trying to scare us because the steps were exagerated like if stomping on purpose on the way up one of my friends got out his fone and went down the stairs trying to see if it was someone but not slowely he went fast tryn to surprise whoever was doing that and as fast as he ran a little down the stairs he ran back straight to the window saying its nobody so idk how but we all ended up flyin jumping down and running away. neighbors have seen somebody move the blinds when nobody lives there nomore. people that lived there say they would hear those foot steps and see a man like shadow. now that house is abandoned idk if its because of that or because its not that nice of a house. those are a little of my experience in that colonia. if you ask people around there about their expierences trust me we have all seen alot of stuff around here somethings you would not even beleave. one of my brothers friends was going to the store down los evanos and said passed a baby crawling across with red eyes so he stepped on it he said the baby craweld behind him not getting closer or getting further he looked away then bak and the baby was gone his mom says he got home real pale and scared. That is another story of this neighborhood. and trust me they are plenty plenty more people can tell. this place is in Alton, Texas. 6mile line los ebanos rd El Paraiso st.

    1. I seen this lady on ebanos mile 6 by the orchards with her hair covering her face at like 3am heading south at firzt i thought it was some kind of prank until i saw the real thing i stomped on the gas im irwi i used to live in el paraiso street .

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