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Man Able To See Dementor-Like Creatures

Do you believe some people have a gift when it comes to experiencing the paranormal?  Emmanuel from CA sent us a story which is similar to a story we have received in the past.  You can check that story out right here.

Check out Emmanuel’s story.

“When I was a kid I use to see these things that resemble dementors. Most times I saw them they were multiple flying in a circle around me. I had asked someone before if they have seen them, but just gave me a crazy look so I never told anyone else until one time around the time I was in middle school. I was walking home one night around 10 PM with a friend who lived across this school from me in Santa Paula, California.

While we were walking, we were half a block away from where we had to separate. He was lucky because his turn was closer so I had to walk a block more. I had noticed he was looking up at them trying to not make it obvious he was. I ended noticing and asked him, “do you see them???” And he looked at me in shock, but trying to hide his expression. I just looked at him and said, “those things flying.” Once I said that his mouth dropped and his eyes widened. All he said was, “I thought I was the only one.” He also told me he never told anyone he could see them because he was scared of what they would say or think.

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Woman Witnesses Furry Humanoid Creature Walking On All Fours (Houston Area)

This is not the first report of humanoids in East Texas.  Check out Jacqueline’s story.

“I was on my way back from visiting my father in Houston, and I had stayed pretty late.  It usually takes me about an hour and 45 min to drive home because I live to the north of Houston off of I-69 in Coldspring, TX.

I was about 25 min from home , I’d made the turn onto road 222 that takes you past Lake Livingston Dam.

Lake Livingston Dam

It was around 10:00 pm and this long stretch of road is covered on all sides by woods with the occasional ranch house an or farm. There are no lights but 1 passing through there.

I was past that light in total darkness with only my headlights shining. I saw something up ahead and slowed down. It was a furry creature on all fours crossing the road. I’ll never forget the way it felt, the hair on my arms are standing up and I get goosebumps just remembering.

It looked like the boy from the jungle book crossing the road with the hind part of the body higher than the front.

It stopped just on the other side of my truck passing a few feet in front of my truck. It was dark grey and black and it didn’t seem to have a face or maybe it just had too much hair.

It was too big to be a dog or any animal. I still don’t know what it was, all I know is that I drove off speeding away looking back into my rear view mirror hoping it wasn’t following me home. I locked up and stayed close to my rifle the whole night. And to this day driving through that stretch of road I hope I never see that creature again.” -Jacqueline

What’s going on in East Texas?  Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?  Leave us a comment below.


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Father’s Spirit Protects Kids From Ouija Board

“This happened in San Antonio, TX to me and my sister back in 1972.   I was 16 and my sister was 12.  We were both sitting across each other with the Ouija board on our laps.  So, we asked it if anyone was there with us it said, “yes.”

I was the one writing what it would say.  We asked if it was a male, it said, “no.”  So then we ask what was it’s name, she said, “Kathy,” but she would not say her last name.  We asked her how she died she said in her sleep.  I asked her how old she was and it said 19 yrs old.  By this time my sister and I asked her what kind of flowers she liked she said red roses, so we asked where she was laid to rest, but she wouldn’t say.

After awhile the pointer would go into a figure 8 we ask what she was doing she said dancing.  By this time my oldest sister saw this and said, “you’re still playing with that stupid thing?!” All of a sudden, it stopped and started writing my sisters name, saying she was going to die of a heart attack and it would laugh ha ha ha.

It kept repeating it’s self while all this time I was writing it all. Then all of a sudden, the writing was not in English, it was Spanish.  My Dad got into the board.  You see my Dad passed away in 1969. He told my oldest sister, “Prieta, soy tu apa no jueges asi,” which means “Prieta, this is your father don’t play like that.”  When I read that and told my little sister, we stopped looked at the time and it was 12 o’clock midnight.

After that we never played with the Ouija board ever. Up to this day I don’t know what ever happened to that evil board. I’m 62 now and still remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for letting me share my story.” -Alfonso

Have any of you ever had a scary experience while using a ouija board?  Leave us a comment below.


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Ghostly Incident At The McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge

This heart touching story comes to us from a Texas woman after she returned from a trip to Reynosa, Mexico along the Texas-Mexico border.

“One afternoon, my dad and I were crossing the Reynosa-Hidalgo Bridge after getting some medication in Reynosa for my dad’s flu. As we were waiting in line, we noticed the car next to us was overheating and spilling all the water from the radiator.

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