Tall, Slender Humanoid Creature Spotted Near Smiley, TX

“So glad I came across this story. I spent years not believing what I saw just outside of Yorktown heading towards Smiley.

Late one evening, my guest and I were traveling to my grandmother’s ranch. Dark and foggy (yes an eerily perfect setting), we were chatting whilst intently watching the narrow two-lane road, deer can be a hazard. As we approached a road sign, I realized there was a figure standing directly in front of it. Being dark and a slight fog, I wasn’t able to see much detail.

It was very tall (standing much taller than the sign), slender, and appeared multicolored. Best of all it was noticed by my passenger. Our conversation abruptly stopped. We were completely silent until I asked if she saw what I had. She did, neither of us wanted to turn around.

The next morning my brother arrived at my grandmother’s ranch. He walked in and joined us for coffee. Bothered, he asked me if I had noticed anything when I drove up the night before. He saw the creature on the same stretch of road, and like me didn’t turn around. Together, yes strength in numbers, we went to look. The mid-morning sun was bright, and whatever we had seen was gone.” -Keller H.

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