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Your Friendly Neighborhood Cat Man

According to the witness, this incident occurred in the beginning of April in the city of San Marcos, TX.

“I drive the same route almost everyday to drop off our daughter at her babysitter’s house on my way to work. I see the same things and people in her neighborhood on a daily basis. Usually I catch sight of an old lady going for her daily walk, an older gentleman working on his lawn, and sometimes, an unusually dressed woman, that is an owner of an equally conspicuous home on an otherwise sleepy drive.

She is also the owner of a black cat and dog and one of the oddest first memories of her was during a nasty storm a few years ago. I remember seeing her standing outside in this torrential rain storm dressed like Walter Mercado with her two pets unfazed by the downpour.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I’m doing our usual drop off. I was backing out of the driveway when I saw the lady’s cat a little up the road from the driveway. The cat can be a bit of a jerk and lay in the middle of the road like he owns it so I prepared well in advance to slow down and go around him like I have done from time to time over the years.

I’m staring at the cat when he suddenly began to blur while everything else in my line of sight remained clear.

A split second later I see a tall lanky stranger with long black hair standing exactly where the cat was. He proceeded to casually cross the road towards an alley and vanish from my sight as I continued driving. I didn’t get any bad vibes from him and haven’t seen him nor the cat since this curious incident occurred. I added an update. As of late I haven’t seen the cat at all.” -SIRENATX

Could this be some kind of  skinwalker, witch or shapeshifter?  Leave us a comment below.

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Wendigo spotted in Killeen, Texas

This story is from a man from Killeen, Texas. Today I am sharing an experience from my past. I was around 11 or 12 at the time this happened, and it occurred in the region of Central Texas. If you guys ever have seen this figure or something similar I’d love to hear your stories. Alright, so it was during early spring if I remember correctly. The sun was starting to set early as usual, and I was walking home from my buddy Jeffery’s house. When I was walking I saw not a single soul in sight, and with only a single working streetlight on my road I hurried home as fast as possible.

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The Haunting of Roy’s Taxi (Austin, TX)

This story comes to us from  Austin, TX.

“I’ve only had a handful, of run-ins with ghosts. I’ve never seen an actual apparition. I’ve seen things move, but that is not the story, which I tell today. For a few years, what happened, would bug me for a long time.

I worked at Roy’s Taxi, from 1995-2006. I was a dispatcher, but also drove from time to time. Yes, you may play Prince’s Lady Cab Driver, in your head, when you think of me. =P

Image result for roy's taxi austin

Back in 1997, when I was 26, I actually lived at Roy’s Taxi for a year, with my then boyfriend. The business, was ran out of the house that Roy Velasquez senior, built for his family. The house was located in downtown, on the south bound side of IH-35, just a block south of Cesar Chavez.

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The Confederate Soldier at Thompson Island Bridge

This is a haunting that seems to come and go – appearing only when America is at war. According to locals in San Marcos, Texas, the bridge is guarded by a uniformed Confederate soldier in full battle dress, rifle slung across his shoulder. It is said that the soldier made a promise to his brother who had a home on the creek near the bridge that when the war was over, he’d come home – no matter what. Maybe he did. Maybe not.

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The Anson Ghost Lights


If you are planning a trip to Anson, Texas to see the lights, make sure you read the directions below on how to get to the Anson Lights+.

Anson, Texas is a small town located 20 miles north of Abilene. Take HWY 277 N to get there. It is the home of a well known yet ++++++unexplained phenomena that has simultaneously delighted, terrified, and baffled visitors for decades––the Anson Ghost Lights.

Hundreds of people have traveled from far and wide to witness these strange illuminations, and the process for conjuring the lights seems to be unanimously agreed upon.

When entering Anson, turn right at the Alsupps.


You should now be traveling East on 17th St. (HWY 180) and travel until you come upon the graveyard just outside of town.

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Strange Creature in Cross Plains, Texas

Strange Creature in Cross Plains, Texas

“I was just out driving one night because I was bored and wanted to get out. First I want to say that I don’t drink at all or do any kinds of drugs. Usually when I’m driving I see many animals: deer, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, skunks and more, but this night I didn’t see any animals out. This was very unusual.

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The Death of a Duende

A man in Dublin, TX claims to have witnessed the death of a Duende.

I swear it is true! I witnessed the death of a fairy! In August of 1969, we were living in the town of Dublin, Texas. I was 16 years old at the time, and my brothers, sisters and I were working in this huge lot where a house used to be. We were clearing all the weeds and garbage. This lot had an old wooden fence that bordered the whole area. It was noon and under the shade of the only tree in the lot we took our lunch break.

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Encounter with Black Eyed kids in Abilene, Texas

A man in Abilene, TX named Brian Bethel shares a terrifying encounter with some “Black Eyed Kids”.

“Near as I can figure, this happened in 1996. I’ve managed to pin down the date that far. I feel like it happened in the spring or summer, since I remember wearing a pair of shorts, but one of my great regrets is not recording the actual date of the event.

After you hear the story, you’d think it would be something you’d never forget. But given enough time between, not the case. My memory, while good, isn’t quite eidetic.

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Shadow Person in the Alamo City

This was sent in by another fan of THSOT. A man is plagued by a Shadow Person near San Antonio, TX

“I had an uncle who had a drinking problem. He would come home almost every night from the bar extremely drunk, and argue with his wife. One night after leaving the bar he got into his vehicle, and as he looked into his rear-view mirror he noticed a black figure (wearing a hat) already sitting in the back seat. Because he already wasn’t in his right mind he didn’t pay much attention to it.

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The Haunted Train of Aquilla, TX

The Haunted Train of Aquilla, TX

“A long time ago, back in the day the small town of Aquilla was burnt to the ground two times due to trains throwing sparks as they rode through.

In the town there were many train tracks but because of the fires, they were then removed so the townspeople could be safe and so that they wouldn’t have to deal with such fires anymore.

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